Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I am sorry.

Hello there;

I just wanted to pop on and say sorry for my recent absence. If you didn't already know I work in retail and what is coming up.... Yes the "C" word.

Now don't get me wrong I love Christmas Day, I love seeing peoples faces once they have opened up my present to them, and I love seeing what people have got me. 


And that is a big but. I HATE the build up to Christmas, in the shop I work in we start everything and anything in November. So technically I celebrate it for almost 2 months! 2 WHOLE MONTHS. Can you see my frustration. 

So due to this, I will be spending a lot of time at work, which means I will have  to sacrifice doing blogs and whatnot as I will just not have the time to do as many as before. 

I will try my best for you guys as I have so many things to review all waiting in my bedroom.

Again, I am sorry!

But I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and all get some fabulous gifts!

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