Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hello July 2015

How are we half way through the year already?! HOW?! June was a really good month for me apart from Palmer leaving me for Glastonbury. I do think this has been my best month of the year so far.

What Happened in June;
- Went to Bloggers United in Sheffield
- Had a fab day in London which my post is coming out soon so keep a look out for that!
- Had a week off work
- Obsessed over Grey
- Brought sianmariebeauty.com domain :D
- Had a spa evening 
- Was featured on China Blue Shoes! Click here for my article :)

What's Happening in July;
- A couple of nights out/ meals out due to said birthday
- Other than this I am saving up for my two up coming holidays.

I don't have that much coming up in July but I am sure a few more fun things will creep up on me!
What are you up to this month?!

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

June 2015 Favourites

Oh I have enjoyed June a lot. Lets get right to it.

 I have been self tanning myself quite a bit this month, with having several night outs. One downside to fake tan is that it comes off your face a lot faster than anywhere else on your body. Well no not including hands. Anyhow the Wild About Beauty Golden Skin Glow has been an absolute life saver on the days when I have been a pale face with a tanned body. This is a liquid bronzer almost a pump or two of this mixed in with your foundation and wallah your foundation matches your neck. Seriously this product is so underrated. Next up is another face item which I have featured on here before, the MeMeMe Shimmer Stack in Gold. I have been grabbed my big blusher blush, swirling it around in all of the gorgeous colours then slapping it all over my cheeks to give me a glow. Last up in my makeup faves is a product that I dismissed at first, the BD Trade Secrets LOOOOONGLAAAAASH mascara. This is a brilliant bottom lashes mascara, it literally grips every lash and lengthens them. It has a really thin wand which makes it so easy to get up and close! Reminds me a touch of the MAC Extended Play mascara. 

Right. Let's get one thing straight. Christan Grey is mine okay?! So glad we got that out of the way. June has been the month of Fifty Shades madness with Grey coming out which I read in 3 days and the film coming out 4 days later. I love the books, I love the film and even though the hype has died down a touch it is only around 600+ days until the next film and I am already so excited about. I couldn't not include them in this post. The day Grey came out I literally sat in my bedroom and switched off from the world only coming out to eat and wee. I am so lucky to have a boyfriend who understands my obsessions. 

What have you loved this month?

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Friday, 26 June 2015

50 Shades of Pink

Recently the American underwear chain Adore Me introduced me to their Lashes & Lingerie challenge, asking me to do a makeup look for one of their sets". Seeing as I do class myself as a beauty blogger, yet I don't think I have ever done a "make up look" post. So with this opportunity arriving I accepted the challenge.

The idea behind this post was for me to go onto the Adore Me website, pick a lingerie set from their wide selection of sets that I like and to come up with a makeup look of my choosing. Out of all of there lovely sets I picked the pink Romper Corina. I love the dusky pink, not too bright but not a dull pink and with the black lace detailing around the edge. I think this a gorgeous set for someone like myself that isn't overly confident with there body. For their full range of lingerie sets click here, they are all gorgeous! 

The look I went for is a very light base which I used Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser in Light 1, this evens out my skin tone beautifully but doesn't disguise my freckles and I wanted them to show through on this look. For concealer I placed Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in Natural 2 under my eyes and on any red areas, I love using this concealer on days where I want only a littler coverage. To set it all in place I grabbed my trusty Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NW25, I seriously love this powder makes my makeup stay in place all day and keeps me matte.

Onto my eyes, I used my favourite ever eye primer; Urban Decay Primer Potion seriously if you don't own this product you need to go out and purchase it. For my shadow I used a palette I don't hardly ever pick up my Naked 3. I am a Naked 2 girl through and through but for this look I knew I wanted pinks so it was an obvious choice for me. I placed Buzz all over my lids up to the crease and blended it up slightly. In the crease I grabbed Factory, I didn't want a DARK smokey eye just something to define that outer V. And for an added pop in the middle of my eyes I dabbed on a little Dust. For my winged liner I used Naked 2 Blackout as I wanted to keep this a soft look. Then I applied lashings of Maybelline Lash Sensational, bloody love this mascara.

For the rest of my face, I used my usually Naked 2 Tease to shape and fill in my brows. Please ignore the state they are in the girl who does them is currently in Florida, so a girl is having to wait a while longer to get them done. For contour I used the lighter brown shade in Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice palette, this gives me a very soft subtle contour opposed to my Hoola which I would usually use. My blush is MAC Pinch Me, I have had this blush forever and I've hardly made a dint in it. It does give me that perfect slightly flushed look. And for highlight I placed my number one highlighter, yes you guessed it Mary-Lou Manizer. Finally for my lips I used Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk just to do a light line around my lips. Then placed MAC Show Orchid all over the lips, this was far too bright on its own so I grabbed my Shy Girl to tone is down. I think it worked a treat giving me a nude lip with a lovely pink undertone. 

I really enjoyed doing this look and I will hopefully be doing more of them now I have done this look. What sort of look would you have chosen?! 

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lush Oxford Street Haul

As you know, I love Lush. So the thought of a three floor store opening in London was well music to my ears. Only there was one problem. I don't live near or in London. But my inner Lushie needed to go to the store so after a brief search at train times and prices online and a quick chat to the wife we arranged a day trip to the big smoke. We obviously went to other shops and ill be doing a post on that soon.

First of all, the shop is amazing all of my photos will be in my London post but seriously if you can get down there DO. The staff are as friendly as ever and it is just a nice shop to go around. Of course it is REALLY busy but it is London I doubt they ever have a quiet day. 

Comforter Shower Cream | £9.50 250g - My name is Sian and I love the Comforter scent. I now own the shower cream, the body lotion and the bubble bar. I wasn't expecting this to be glittery but it is and it makes me love it so much more. Can't wait to have a full on Comforter bath!

Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream | £9.50 250g - I adored the Lord of Misrule bath bomb when it came out at Halloween (I think) and I really regret not stocking up on them.  When I saw one of the Lush instagrams that I follow post about this I knew I had to make it mine. It again like the Comforter has a slight shimmer to it.

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap | £5.75 70g - This isn't a Lush Oxford Street exclusive obviously but when in Rome. I can remember Fleur De Force mentioning this in one of her videos and I have lusted over it from then on. But of course I always forget to order/pick it up when I am buying Lush. Can't wait to have silky smooth strawberry pins.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub | £13.95 250g - Again not an Lush Oxford Street exclusive again and this is a repurchase for me because I bloody well love it. Granted I do think at nearly £14 it is a touch expensive for a scrub but I like it so I am gonna buy it.

May Day Bath Bomb | £2.96 - Aniseed. Yes that is what this little badger bath bomb smells like. That much it has literally stunk my spare room out. Slightly regret buying it now for this fact as the smell is SO over powering but the money from this goes towards the THIS charity. Which of course makes it worth it.

Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb | £3.50 - This smells amazing! With a mixture of Majorcan almonds and rosewood it just smells well wow. I have seen this in action on Instagram and I know its gonna make one hell of a bath.

Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar | £5.95 - HOW FRIKKIN CUTE IS THIS?! Oh and it smells a little like Snow Fairy, how could I not pick it up. I was all over it as soon as I saw it. Definitely one I will be picking up more of in the future. It will be a sad day, when the day comes around for me to break his head off and crumble it up in a bath.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon | £3.95 - Very similar to Comforter I love the Rose Jam scent so it was obvious that I needed the bubbleroon in my collection too.

Cherry Blossom Bubble Bar | £5.95 - I am such a sucker for cherry blossom, be it the actual tree or anything with them on. I adore it. This bubble bar has such a pretty scent to it. And it just look gorgeous, like the Pink Flamingo I will 100% be picking up more of these.

What have you picked up from Lush Oxford Street?

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Charlotte Tilbury VS Rimmel

If you recently saw my Selfridges Haul post you will have seen that I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheap in Pillow Talk, a quite iconic in the world of blogging. At £16 though for a lip liner, its a little pricey, so when a drugstore has an alternative for a fraction of the price. Which would you go for?

Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners are amazing for the price that they are, at £3.99 and regularly on offer they really as cheap as chips. I have been using Eastend Snob for a long while now and it is a staple in my makeup bag. I admittedly brought this when I first saw Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk but knew I couldn't afford it, knowing they are a close dupe. 

The Charlotte Tilbury packaging to me is something that I would always gravitate too. Its muted metallic shell and its simple text just does it for me. Rimmels packaging is plastic and you can really tell its cheaper. Now don't get me wrong that doesn't make the product any less amazing. I am simply stating which one I prefer to look at.

Obviously one of the biggest differences in the packaging is the applicators, with Rimmel's being a twisty top that will for the up most be forever sharp. Its a very simple design and with the slanted edge you can really keep that line sharp and crisp not worrying if the product will snap or bend. Charlotte Tilbury's in a standard pencil. Well I say standard, its bloody magic. The nib somehow always has at least a sharpish edge even when being used for a all over lip.  There is going to be more product in the lip cheat compared to the exaggerate too, as you can use the lip cheat to the very end; where as exaggerate will only fill maybe just over half of the tube. But come on guy for £3.99 you gonna cry over that?! I didn't think so.

Now to compare the products themselves. Rimmel Eastend Snob is a touch more pink compared to the slightly pinky nude of the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk. Exaggerates formula is very creamy and pretty much glides over your lips. I do find if you use a little too much of a heavy hand the product can ball up a touch but this is only happened to me a handful of times. But again I repeat for £3.99 is this a massive issue? Nope I didn't think so either. It longevity for me last a good 4 hours before I can see areas of fading. 

Moving on to the lip cheat the formula is so creamy, a touch more than Eastend Snob. I haven't found it to ball up at all and the product really does mimic your natural outline of your lips. Its bloomin' magic. Something a touch more magic about this pencil is how long it lasts. It doesn't budge. At all. When I did the swatches on my arm above I had them on my arm all day (scruffy begger)  and by the end of the day Pillow Talk was still going strong whereas Eastend Snob had worn away. 

I don't think I could actually pick a favourite out of these two, I love them both. Have you tried any of these?! Or do you have any other lip liner recommendations?

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Bloggers Unite Summer Event, Eten Cafe Sheffield 2015

After what seems like an eternity the 13th June finally came round for myself to travel to Sheffield for the Bloggers Unite event. The hosts who are dear friends of mine, Hannah, Emma and Frankie had arranged the event to happen at Eten Cafe in Sheffield's City Centre. The Cafe is just on York Street which is just up from Primark in the centre.

At first they had us do a speed dating like task, where we all sat on seats and one half moved up and with each person we have 2 minutes to get to know said person. Now I do class myself as quite a confident person but even this was nerve racking for me. What was amazing with this exercise was getting to meet people who i either follow or on Twitter or on Bloglovin. Even getting a few people who knew who I was, made me feel like a famous person for a couple of seconds ;)

Once all of this excitement was over it was time to hear from the brands;
- Keratin Revolution
- Infinatura
- Noir Caviar
- Moogoo

Ben and Faye were first up to talk about Keratin Revolution and Noir Caviar. these are both hair care brands that are based in salons across the country. Ben is the brains behind both of these companies. His aims was to create a 100% British product that the consumer would want. I think he has done this perfectly. The products looks so professional and if they would cost the world. But they are actually very affordable. If you are wanting more information on these items please click on the names above to be taken to their corresponding websites.

Faye then took the light to talk to us about Infinatura, this is a cura oil that is totally multipurpose. It can battle scars, stretchmarks, be used on cuticles, hair you name it this oil would be able to do it. To me this oil sounded like a miracle oil.

The last brand to talk was Mine from Moogoo a Australian brand that is currently trying to break the UK. I had already heard of Moogoo through blogs but hadn't had the chance to try it for myself. Strange fact, you can eat all of the products from Moogoo, granted they may not taste amazing but they are all 100% natural and edible. Sadly the photo I got of Mine was blurred. After the fab speakers we moved onto the raffle, this was for a great cause at £5 a strip we were entered in to win a wide awry of prizes and also all the proceeds went towards the amazing charity Look Good Feel Better. As you can see there was so many different brands who donated towards this raffle. A massive thank you to them all :)

 As much as I love going to an event to see people, who doesn't love a goodie bag! And I knew Hannah, Emma and Frankie wouldn't let us down.

First up we were gifted from the brands who spoke, I missed out on grabbing one of the oils as there was only a limited amount. But I was given a Noir Caviar Anti Age Restorative Moisturiser £13.50 which smells divine, this will hopefully sort out my locks as the ends are dying for an intense moisture mask on them. The other item is Keratin Revolution Keratin Infused Leave-In Conditioner £17.99. I am slowly coming to the end of my Beauty Protector De-tangle spray and this will be a fab substitute to it. 

Mine had supplied each blogger at the event with an amazing bag full of treats! Including a cute little Moogoo cow and bucket, the cow is currently in my fish tank because well just because. As I am a avid tanner I was super pleased to see the How Now Brown Cow gradual tanner for face and body in my bag, at £15.50 this massive bottle is great value for money. Moogoo also has a sister makeup company called Dusty Girls I received three items from this line. The softest kabuki brush ever this brush will certainly be getting some love from me. To go along with my gradual tanner I have the Sunshine Natural Mineral Bronzer and a beautiful Argyle Pink Natural Mineral Lip Shine.

Now shall we take a peak into the massive Bloggers Unite Summer 15 bags we received, first up thank you to The Bloggers Program for supplying these lovely canvas bags. 

- HealGel Face, I have a few of these samples about and they are great for when I am going away. HealGel have never let me down before they really are a fab brand. 

- We all know how much I love Cocoa Brown and their Tough Stuff exfoliate is literally one of my all time favourites. As I am almost out of my bottle this was had a warm welcome from me. 

- Who knew Elderflower and Almonds would smell so good together but Sweet Cecily have made the most amazing smelling hand cream. This is one that will be coming to my coffee table soon.

- CUTE ALERT CUTE ALERT Seriously how cute is the Manicure Doll, this is perfect to take away. From a fab company called Itsawot

- I am no stranger to Monu, I have had quite a few of their products in the past I am yet to try this Skin Perfector and I think it will make a fab contribution for my holiday bag.

- A The Body Shop body butters, I am one happy girl. And I adore the Hazelnut scent. 

- I am not gonna lie at first I thought these were tea bags, but upon further inspection they are little sachets of make up. Really looking forward to trying out the Everyday Minerals range. 

- Ahhhhh a Nanshy Blending Sponge. I have read soooo many great reviews on this, looking forward to putting it to the test.

- I have used Timeless Truths in the past and loved them. So so happy to see another one of their amazing sheet masks in this bag. 

- Mini V Orange Chocolate Chip protein bar and Mini: Shake Vanilla, I LOVE Vicky Pattisson from Geordie Shore and this is her Nutrition range, which I have been wanting to try. I found the bar quite hard to eat. It is really heavy though if that makes sense. I am yet to try the shake. 

- Viridian Multivitamin and Minerals; well who doesn't need help with getting all of their vitamin and minerals? They don't smell the best but that doesn't mean that they wont work wonders.

- Creightons have kindly gifted a full set of Frizz No More. Shampoo, conditioner and serums. These will 100% be coming on holiday with me. I think they will do my hair a massive favour by helping my hair defend itself against the humidity.

 - Makeup Revolution well I love ya! And to received the Stripped & Bare palette is amazing. The colours are right up my street and I can't wait to start using it. 

- Playboy makeup is a brand I don't know much about. I have a couple of lipsticks somewhere but never used them. I know I should really get them out and give them a whirl. Maybe I will do a full post on these and the other lipsticks I own. 

- I have not used Max Factor Creme Puff in forever so to see this made me all nostalgic. Will certainly be using this soon. 

- Benefit Porefessional, everyone's favourite.

- Lipcote, I have one of these as well somewhere. I always forget to use it. Will 100% be popping this into my most used makeup items to use it more. 

- I Should Coco a Coconut Martini lip balm yes please. I need this all over my lips right now!

Even though I loved the day and what I received. What made this day the most amazing, was spending it with these girls. I have made the most amazing friends through my blog and these 6 girls are in a league of their own.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dragon Girl - Nars

I have two confessions to make, each may shock you in different ways. Are you ready? Are you sat down? This is my first ever Nars product. WOAH WOAH I can hear your judgement from here. Secondly, I am totally in love with Taylor Swift. Okay maybe this one wasn't too much of a shock, especially if you know me outside of my blog. But why am I telling you these little nuggets of information I hear you ask... Well let me tell you, I read somewhere; I say somewhere as I literally cannot remember where I read this THAT Dragon Girl from Nars is Taylor Swifts go to red lipstick. Which meant only one thing.

 Dragon Girl is a Velvet Matte Lip pencil, I am a massive fan of lip pencils in general. I find them so much easier to apply than a normal lipstick bullet. Id say I could apply this without a mirror but when its comes down to a red lip a girl cannot mess that up! Nars are known for their amazing products and this one does not let the name down. To say it is a matte formula I do not find this as drying on my lips than some other matte lipstick brands. 

As you can see from the swatch above the pigmentation is out of this world. We are looking at a one swipe wonder right here! It is designed to be long lasting, I found after about three hours it did need a little touch up; but as far as a I am bothered three hours is good going.

I can totally see why Taylor goes for Dragon Girl as her go to red lip. Its so easy to apply and really does make your lips pop. Upon wearing this, yes I did have Taylor Swift on random, yes I did dance around pretending I was her and no I do not care. I love nothing more than a item of makeup or clothing that makes you feel good. Embrace it. 

What other Nars products would you recommend me to try next?

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Birthday Wish List

Well my birthday is just over a month away, 19th July if I am to be exact. Slap that in your diaries! So I thought I would throw together a few items that I would like have. Obviously I am not insisting that I receive these but if I do, thanks ;)
- Tarte Amazonian Clay Tartelette Matte Palette £29
- Secret Garden Colouring Book £9.95
- Zoeva Rose Golden Luxe Volume 2 £48
- Flamingo Candles £11
- Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eyeset £48
- Charlotte Tilbury Skin Transformation Duo £105

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

BirchBox June 2015 - French Sole

As you know this is one of my most favourite times of the month. BirchBox time. This month it is all based around getting outdoor as they have collabed with French Sole. Which make the most gorgeous pumps. This month we also got to pick which box design we had. There was three to choose from a very pretty floral pattern, a sweetie pattern and then the nautical one. Being the nautical lover that I am, I HAD to go for that one, something so pleasing when it comes to blue and white stripes.


Hip Ultra Shine Shampoo | £19 - A new BirchBox exclusive, OOOooOoOoo. I'm not often disappointed by these. The packaging reminds me a touch of Deadmau5 logo, just me? The smell is very recognisable with peppermint and eucalyptus in there, menthol would describe it best. I shall add this to my holiday box though for when I go away in August.

Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot | £36 - Mouthful that is ain't it?! Ive read some good reviews on this lil guy. Looking forward to putting him to the test to see him it does plump my face out. 

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash | £9 - Another item I can add to my going away pile as this is literally the perfect size for me. I can't quite pin point the scent, if anyone can help me out with that please?! I do love Balance Me products though so I am so pleased I received this.

ModelCo Powerlash Black Mascara | £14 - Ermm.... not a fan. ModelCo for me tend to be a little hit and miss. Maybe it just needs to dry out a little before it works best. But right now I am not overly impressed. Sorry :(

Penhaligon's Iris Prima | £85 - Firstly £85!!! I will not be repurchasing this nope. Secondly, I hate getting perfume samples in these boxes. This does smell nice don't get me wrong but I must rather have another sample of something else. I always end up losing these little spray bottles too.

STYLondon Temporary Metallic Tattoos | £7.99 - Ive never tried any metallic tattoos, not really my thing. But seeing as I will be venturing to Magaluf for my holiday, ill pop these into the pile too. I'm sure myself, Charli or Mina will get some use out of them,

Another extra we got this month is a French Sole shoe bag. I didn't even know these where a thing, but apparently they are and I now own one.  I probably won't use this for shoes, but I am sure I will find a use.

This months box was a little flat if you ask me. A couple of items I am really pleased with (Balance Me and Ren) but other than that I am not overly thrilled. Fingers crossed next months is a better box. What did you think to this months box?

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015


WAYYYYY back in January Lilash contacted me to trail out their Lilash and Librow products. I was so excited to try these that it took all my might not to rip the entire box open to get them out. But instead I was a good blogger and took photos first. Go me right?! 

Inside the box was each of the products and a gorgeous pocket mirror which has come in handy, more than I ever thought. 

Well to cut a long story short, I took the before photos for this post to show the difference these made and then my laptop broke. Said photos had gone. Which is very annoying not only for me, but also for the team at LiLash as they were expecting a post after three months. Luckily for me the team at LiLash are very understanding and I got given an extension (feels like homework) as I didn't want to not tell you about this product. So for a little while I didn't use these and then carried on using them again for a month. This way I could show you any growth.

They both are used in the same way, each tube as a small brush inside and you place this where you want growth. LiLash I used it as if it was a eyeliner straight across my lash line. There was no irritation at all in fact once it had sunk in, you wouldn't even know you was wearing it. LiBrow I placed under my brow line to help boost the growth I had a few sparse areas that needed a helping hand so I would apply a touch more product in that area. I used both of these products at night giving them optimal time to sink in and work. 

In the top photo you can see my before in comparison to the photo below, my lashes are a lot fuller after a month of using it. I didn't really notice much growth in that month stint, but when I used it originally my lashes were much longer than they were before.  Mascara applied better as my lashes were thicker to pick up more product. I am loving it. Another massive bonus for me is that I don't have as much lash loss? I used to find when I removed my eye makeup I would usually lose two or three lashes in the process. Now I am lucky if its one a week. 

Same again with my brows on the top photo I had my brows waxed the day before the photo so I knew they would be fresh. A month later you can see that there is quite a bit of regrowth, usually I can go about 2 months between brow appointments but due to LiBrow I had to go back after 6 weeks. They really had grew back that much faster. I even needed another trim, my beautician Katie commented on this also. As I mentioned above I had sparse areas of hair, these aren't fully filled in but there is regrowth and I think with another month of using LiBrow I will have full brows once again.

LiLash and LiBrow are both wonder products. I am usually quite skeptical when it comes to these sort of products but I have been proven VERY wrong. These actually work!  If you are wanting to purchase these products click here.

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*PR Sample

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May 2015 Beauty Favourites

Hands up, who has been loving the weather this May?! I know its a touch rainy but how amazing has the sun been? I have high hopes we are going to have a lovely Summer!

This month I have been really trying to use more of my products that I own. I am a stickler for using the same items over and over again. So I hoped on over to my Alex draws and pulled a few bits out. This is something that I am aiming to do more over the next few months, I really need to use up a lot of my products. Anyways I am going off track here. Lets talk about my May favourites.

If you read my Big Hair Don't Care post you will already know how much I am loving the Lush Big Sea Salt shampoo. I am literally obsessed with using this. Now when I wash my hair I try swap my shampoos over frequently as my hair seems to react better if I do that. But no not at the moment, I am only using this. You only need a little scoop as it lathers up really well, this is a little pricey at £12.25 but honestly I think it is worth every penny. 

Next up we have three makeup faves. These have all been featured before in my favourites I am sure but yano what they ate bloody good products. The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is a life saver, when I am in a rush and I need to sort out my skin tones this just does it thing and my skin looks 100 times better. I quickly blob it all over my face and blend with my fingers or a brush; depending on what my time limit is. Another quick fix life saver is my Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze. Every beauty blogger and there dog loves this cream eyeshadow and for every right reason too. Same as the BB cream I either place this on my eye lids and quickly dab out the edges to make it look blended or I go to town and use a brush to blend with. This eye shadow is amazing on its own or either a base for other shadows to go on top off. Lastly I have what my possibly one of my most favourite products of all time, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. This highlighter is the dogs dangly bits and if you don't believe me, go out and buy it and try and tell me I'm wrong. I dare ya. I have really upped my highlighter game recently, instead of a subtle highlight, I've basically been a walking talking light bulb.

What have you been loving in May?!

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