Monday, 9 February 2015

Matte Brights*

Hello there;

I thought I would try and brighten up your day with the Makeup Revolution Matte Brights

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Palette Review
This palette has been around for a while now and honestly its been sat in the back of my "to try stash" for a while. I can remember everyone raving about this at Halloween for obvious reasons. The Matte Brights palette is made up on 12 completely matte shades in Makeup Revolutions signature Redemption Palette black packaging with the clear top meaning you can see all of the colours.

The formula with Makeup Revolution mattes is amazing to say this palette would have only set you back £4. Sadly this palette is not discontinued on the website. They are so creamy and apply with ease, with very minimal fall out. And the pigmentation in some of the shades is out of this world!

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Palette Review

Out of the first six, you can see that the white, orange, pink and purple are all very pigmented. Where was the grey and the blue are a less pigmented in comparison. I really wanted that blue to be amazing, such a gorgeous aqua blue in the pan. 

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Palette Review

Again, 4 out of the 6 shades have more pigment, the pink, yellow, green and blue. But the peach and other green again just doesn't show up for me. 

Obviously this palette is far from the easiest palette to wear, unless its halloween / fancy dress party. But if you want to add that little pop of colour the best way I have found is adding it under your lower lash line and blended out well. Its not too OMG LOOK AT ME, its just that little something different. 

How would you wear this palette?

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*Given to me as a part of a goodie bags from a blogging event.


  1. These colours are amazing! A definite investment, even if it's just for Halloween or fancy dress like you said!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose


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