Sunday, 25 September 2016

Getting Started Again

I did as I promised, I am writing another post! I know, I know you're so proud of me. With me having a year out, I feel like a newbie again. I need to rebuild connections, gain peoples trust that I won't go away again and also learn how to be a blogger again. Admittedly I won't be able to be as full on as I was say this time two years ago straight away, but who knows I may get myself back up to posting every other day. In this post I am going to talk about the aims I am setting myself and how I am going to get myself back to being Sian Marie Beauty.

Photos & Posts

Since I feel like a newbie again, it's like I have forgotten how to type, how to structure posts and most of all how to take photos like I was before. I need to learn all my skills again, bring them back to life now I have the spark to do this again. For the writing part, the more posts I do the more I can feel the ease of writing coming back. The words are just starting to flow out of me, as if I am telling a story and the more posts I read on BlogLovin the more I am remembering; I guess you could say the more cliche blogger terms... What I am wanting from Sian Marie Beauty is the same writing style from before where my personality came out and I could be a little jokey. What I don't want is this to be a VERY serious site, because clearly I am not that sort of person at all - insert crying laughing face-

The photos aspect of it all is literally terrifying me right now. I have forgotten how to take the photos, the next couple of posts that will be going live after this are purely experimental. From seeing all of the other posts that bloggers are doing now, what I used to use as backdrops don't simply cut it now and if I am perfectly honest it doesn't do it for me anymore either. I need to go invade The Range and Homesense, grab some goodies and get perfecting my flat lays and have some fun with my photos. The editing side, I can kinda grasp pretty quickly as I have been doing photos for my boyfriend and his BMX trials. So watch this space and hopefully you will see a difference in my photos. I also accept constructive criticism so please feel free to tell me if you think I should have done something a little differently.

Social Media

Twitter is the reason why I came back to my blog. I re-downloaded it onto my phone and I got that little niggley feeling that I needed to do more and this blog was that niggle. I have now popped my Instagram back to "sianmariebeauty", I changed it last year as I felt like my user name at the time didn't reflect who I was at that time. But now it has to be back to Sian Marie Beauty so people can find me and also I have that little thing that I like social media handles being the same haha!

If I am honest I have been pretty lucky when it comes to the amount of followers I have kept. I know that followers are not the be all and end all of blogging, but it bloody helps if they are there and don't bother arguing with me, I know you'll feel the same deep down. My Instagram has pretty much stayed the same since last year, all that will be changing on there is more beauty posts and me promoting my posts. Twitter, well I did this silly thing and unfollowed nearly everyone. So I need to find all my favourite Twitter accounts and refollow them, I am slowly doing this. Taking part in the Twitter chats will help me do that. I just hope that I will be welcomed back into the blogging world with open arms. Because between me and you, I have bloody missed the ladies I met a long the way.  Also I hope Buffer is still a thing? Ill be back to spamming you all soon with my links! Finally BlogLovin, I was getting close to 1000 followers last year, I have now dropped to below 900. But that's okay. I don't blame people unfollowing me, I wasn't posting so why would you follow a blog that isn't technically active. Obviously my aim is to get myself back up to where I was and more. But this is going to take time and work and I am fine with that. I need to get people back on my side, back to clicking on my page to come read my posts and actually wanting to do it.

Blogging Perks

Is it still a taboo to talk about this?! Sod it I am going to talk about it. When Sian Marie Beauty was in her prime I was lucky enough to be invited to some wonderful events and got to work with amazing brands. It of course would be truly wonderful if I could get back to being lucky enough to be invited to these places and have them emails coming in again. But I need to regain trusts back in the PR companies I was working with. Obviously I am not going to go running, dropping onto my knees begging for it. I am going to work for it. If I am perfectly honestly I don't even feel myself worthy of anything like that just yet. Like I said before I feel like a newbie and these things come with time.

Work/Life Balance

Before I was so strict with myself when it came to my blog. I HAD to take photos, I HAD to edit them on this day and I HAD to post every other day. If I didn't do all of them HADs I felt like I was letting my readers down. When in actual fact, I wasn't was I? We all have this little thing in common it's called life and sometimes life gets in the way. I now work in an Opticians and my hours can sometimes be a little demanding were I can do long straights at work. So just like anyone else at the end of the day I am shattered and all I want is a nice soak in the bath and a cuddle in front of the TV with the boyfriend. And do you know what, that is exactly what I will do. My aim at the moment is to get 2 posts out a week. I am thinking a Sunday and a Wednesday. These are normally my days off so I can get quite a bit done on these days. But if I don't have time and I only post once that week, or may not at all that's still okay. Because life happens. I want to enjoy my time here and I really don't want to go back to all the HADs from before. I want Sian Marie Beauty to have quality posts, not some rubbish because I only had 10 minutes to type something up, quite frankly it would be rubbish and who wants to read rubbish. No one that's who!

If you have any hints and tips for me to get back into the swing of things please send them my way, I would be very appreciative of them.

Until next time,

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