Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 Resolutions

Hello there;

I get it, its cliché to make resolutions and its also cliché to not keep them. But I feel obliged every year to make a few of my own. It's a habit I can't break.

I really didn't want to make loads that seemed unreasonable, because I think that is the trap most people fall into. Making 10+ promises to yourself and probably not even keeping any of them. So on this gloomy Monday morning, I have sat and thought of 4. 
4 seems reasonable right? 

1. Drink more water. 

Okay okay, I know most people will make this resolution, but I really need to start looking after myself more. I have just recently started to use moisturiser more and I have noticed a massive difference with how my skin feels. So why not try and make my skin and body feel better on the inside. 

I am going to dump the fizzy pop and opt for either fruit flavoured water or plain water. Maybe I need to keep some bottles around the house so I know I will drink that water.

2. Get to my weight aim

I know another resolution that everyone will make and right now the gyms are packed because of this. But I need to change this, don't get me wrong I am not over weight and a lot of my friends say I don't need to lose any. I just feel like if I got to my aim, in myself I would feel amazing about myself. 

I miss being able to wear tighter clothing and feeling good in them, right now I only tend to feel better when its either loose fitting clothing or something that covers my tummy. 

I am quite a confident person and I don't tend to care what other people think, but I am slowly growing conscious of this problem. I will get back into all my lovely clothes I have in my wardrobe waiting to be loved again!

To keep myself motivated to do this, I am going to do a update on here after I lose every 6lbs. Just to fill you guys in and to say how different I feel and what I have done to get there. 

Any tips would be amazing :)

3. Buy a house

Woah biggee I know! 

Now that I have lived with my boyfriend in rented accommodation for nearly a year, we both know it is time to save up and do the big proper thing of buying our own house. I am aware that this may not actually happen this year, as we don't want to rush into buying the wrong house. But I want to be as close to buying one as possible. Having the money there so we know that we could buy one when we find the perfect house for us.

4. Blog more

Maybe this is very common on here because well this is where we blog. And I know I have seen other blogger use this resolution, so maybe a little cliché but I have a massive book full of ideas and I may have done 4/5 of them. So this year I want to tick off all these ideas. This is the first one. Hopefully going to be doing the next one after I have been to the gym. 

There you have it, the 4 I have decided on. Maybe in 6 months I will do a update on how I am doing.

What are your resolutions this year? 



  1. OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH :) your number 5 should be: see my bestie more OH WAIT, we're doing that already ;) love your blog you little blogger you.


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