Monday, 6 January 2014

Katie Nails #3

Hello there;

Similar to my blog, I gave my nails a break from gel over December, knowing that I would probably ruin whatever Katie did for me. But with the Brown's wedding fast approaching I knew they needed doing!

All I said to Katie was "I need them a oxblood red". Whatever she did after that was down to her. 

Why oxblood I hear you ask? That was the colour of my dress I was wearing to the wedding and I wanted to match it.

Once Katie had sorted my nails back to normal shape and standard the mixing began.

As you can see it took a few attempts to get the perfect colour. It took 3 colours mixed together to makes the colour Katie thought was acceptable. 

After Party Espresso, Hot Rod Red, Plum and Done.

Such a beautiful colour. She wasn't done here, what Katie did next I have never seen in my entire life. And I was mesmerised by it.

I had the flower design on my ring fingers and thumbs. Katie achieved this by painting the "special" polish onto the design, wiped it with a sharp edge to remove any overspill. Then using a rubber ended device to pick up some of the polish and then using the rubber end she stamped it onto my nail at a certain angle.

All finished with a top coat to keep it shiny. 

Don't they look pretty. 

What was more impressive was Katie matched the colour of my nail to my dress perfectly. We were both amazed of how close she had done it without my dress being anywhere near us. That is how good she is!! 

I love the design she did and I think they are prefect nails for the occasion. I have had them over a week now and I have had soooo many compliments on them. Would defiantly recommend!

Thank you sooo much Katie!


If you want Katie to do your nails and you live in the Mansfield/Nottingham area please contact here using the link below.


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