Sunday, 5 January 2014


Hello there;

Have you missed me?
Has it been a little quiet?

Well I am back now, back to annoy you. Back to try and review stuff. Back to reality. 

This might be a little bit of a long post...

December is always a busy month for me. Working in retail, I pretty much move into work in December. I hardly spent any time at home apart from to sleep for a few hours. With the few precious hours I had to myself, I saw friends or spent time with my other half. I didn't really have time to blog. But I have already said sorry for that in my last post. 

I had the most wonderful Christmas, got well and truly spoilt rotten. So many unexpected presents off my family and friends. I hate the build up to Christmas but once the day has arrived I love it! Seeing the reaction on the faces of people I love when they open presents I have carefully picked out for them is amazing. I get such a buzz from it. 

So much food and drink was consumed, but isn't that what Christmas is about to overindulge. Yeah I thought so too!

Then NYE happened, I spent it with loads of my closest friends. Drinking, playing drinking games and having a giggle. But NYE is the most special for me at midnight. As soon as we have all had a cheer and welcomed in the new year. It becomes mine and my boyfriends anniversary. 

4 years now that boy has put up with me and it has been amazing. Now I would usually go into some waffle about how much I love him and yadayadayada. But if you know me personally you will already know our story. And for you that don't, I may post the story one day....

I think that is all for now, my usual spontaneous blogging will begin again soon! >.<



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