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Beauty Favourites 2014

2014 is done! So here are my favourite beauty products from the past year. 

These three have defiantly been my go to base this year. Starting off with primer, Maybelline Cool Rose (full review here). I really enjoyed using this primer as it gave my skin a even base to apply my foundation onto. For foundations I have been a little fickle with them this year, flitting backwards and forwards. But the Bourjois Healthy Mix - No. 53 Light Beige is one that I have been picking up the most over the past few months. With Christmas parties and more nights out over the past couple of months, this foundation has really shown its true colours of being a long lasting foundation. I may even go to say this is my all time favourite foundation... woah bold statement to make I know! Next up is defiantly a product you will recognise even if all of the writing has rubbed off. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Light 2, this features on a lot of bloggers favourites simply because it is fantastic. I have tried other concealers this year but I always go back to this little guy. I will forever repurchase this concealer. 


I have gone through many a powder this year. But non will ever surpass my love for my MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation, NW25. I have gone through so many of these tubs, more than I would probably care to admit. It is perfect to wear on its own as it gives a tiny bit of coverage. Or apply it after foundation and concealer for a fuller coverage. I recommend this to anyone and everyone who asks. Another powder that I have been really impressed with this year is the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot (Full review here). But as I took these photos it was in my locker at work. 


First up is my blush palette from Makeup Revolution, Sugar and Spice (full review here). These guys have been my crush all year round, I have loads nearly every product that I have used from them this year. This blush palette is no different. I love all of the different colours in the palette that you can pretty much create any look from it. My favourite shades are the coral and the more dusty pink in the top corner. The highlighters are a little too glittery for me, but I actually love popping these in the corner of my eyes for a night out. They give off the right amount of shimmer for that more awake look.

This eyeshadow quad hasn't been in my life very long but it has made a massive impact on my life. Charlotte Tilbury, The Glamour (full review here). It is one of the easiest palettes I have ever had the pleasure of using. All of the colours blend together with such ease. Charlotte Tilbury is defiantly one of the brands I am going to invest in more in 2015. I seriously need the entire collection. 

I am certainly a Urban Decay Naked 2 girl through and through. I do own the other two Naked palettes but Naked 2 has my heart. Especially the shade Tease. I use this eyebrows. I am aware than it looks like it has a tinge of purple in the photo and maybe it does. (I am colourblind). But for me personally, I love the affect it has on my eyebrows. I will forever use this as my brow product everything else I have used this year hasn't quite matched up to this. 

Contour & Highlight

Oh my old faithful, Benefit Hoola. When I hit pan on you, my heart sank a little as I now know you are soon going to leave me. I find this is the most perfect contouring shade for me. 2014 has been the year I try and learn how to contour. Have I managed it? Yes on one cheek, my left side always goes on fine. But my right side.... hell no. I need to get this sorted asap! 

As I said in my MeMeMe Shimmer Stack review (full review here) I am new to the highlighting game. I received two new highlighters for Christmas, theBalm MaryLou and Sleek highlight set. But for the Christmas party season MeMeMe has had me covered and I have thoroughly loved using it. Especially the top two shades.


Well my eyeliner top space could only go to one really... I have gone on and on about this eyeliner. Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner (full review here), this little guy has been THE only eyeliner I have used since I got it. I  hope it gives you a tell tale sign when its starting to run out so I know to place a order! Can't live without it. 


As soon as this duo enter my make up collection, I knew it was going to stay. I brought the Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer and Perversion Mascara off Cohorted months ago. I have been meaning to do a post on these, I even have the photos taken and edited. But even got round to type it. #bbloggerproblems. Maybe 2015 will be the year I finally write about them. Either way, I love the effect that these pair give my lashes! 


This was the hardest decision out of all of the categories to make. That's why there are four. Again I am very fickle when it comes to lipsticks my collection is quite impressive. But even though I do love a good drugstore lipstick this year the high end game has been strong. Starting off with Charlotte Tilbury Love Liberty (full review here). I have wanted to wear this gorgeous berry coloured lipstick practically all the way through winter, but I have resisted as I think I will cry when it finally runs out. 

Next up are my three MAC babies. Shy Girl is quite new to my collection, but as soon as I first tried it on I was disappointed in myself for not having it sooner. I am not a massive nude lip wearing, because I really don't see much of a point. But since getting Shy Girl, I get it. Girl About Town was defiantly my summer shade. I wore it so much when it was warm, oh how I miss the warm. Its that one colour that I pop on and think, right party time. Just so fun to wear. Finally how can I do a yearly favourites and not mention a red? Russian Red has taken over as my number one red from Ruby Woo, I find Russian Red to be a lot easier to wear. Wearing a red lip gives me a massive boost of confidence such an empowering colour. If you want to see the rest of my MAC collection click here.

What products have you been loving in 2014?
Leave me links in the comment box and I will go check out your posts.

Keep a look out for my Other 2014 Favourites coming out in a couple of days.

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  1. They all seem to be great. Love the concealer as well! (who doesn't?) I need to try the eyeliner, and you really got me curious about Charlotte Tilbury. xx

  2. SO many lovely products. I've been loving the Collection Concealer and Urban Decay Mascara Duo too!

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

  3. I have the Mac Studio Fix and im in love with it x
    Emma |

  4. These products look great. I love the look of the lipstick shades you picked out and not to mention how gorgeous the CT eyeshadow palette is x

  5. I love the look of both your CT palette & lipstick. I really want to get another CT lipstick in a red or berry colour and a palette too! xo

  6. Fab picks! I love so much of the same things, the CT palette looks so gorgeous - I need to get something from her this year - it is a resolution!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. My bank balance and I are deeply regretting clicking through to this post. I now need EVERYTHING [covers eyes] ;) Great reviews here lovely, Shy girl and the base products are all some of my favourites!


  8. Oh that Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is just gorgeous!!

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  9. You can't go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury!


  10. I want the Red Carpet red next!


  11. Sorry Elle! Forgive me please?!


  12. Great post! Those MAC lipstick colors are absolutely gorgeous and I'll need to get my hands on them. Beautiful blog! xx, S
    Things That Glitter Beauty Blog

  13. ah the naked 2. hard for that not to be a fav, well at least my naked 1 is but the 2 is a little too cool toned for me.


    A Beautiful Zen


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