Monday, 26 January 2015

Empties #7

Hello there;

A new year, a new fresh load of empties for you. As I am on the "I am trying to use up everything I own" phase empties post might become a little more frequent. I aim for 10 items per post and as I type this up I already have 6 items waiting in my bag! 

Eternity Gentle Face Wash | £10.95 - I got sent this to try out and I never got round to doing a full review, because I couldn't make my mind up if I liked it or not. Some days I loved it, others it dried my face right out. But it cleaned my face, which is the job it set out to do.

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly | £3.50 100g - I loved the smell of this stuff, like really loved the smell. But I didn't love using it. I found it really hard to hold to wash myself with. LOADS of it went straight down the plughole. Mega waste. 

Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes | £3.49 - I can't physically do an empties posts without a pack of these in there. I know wipes are the taboo subject of the blogger world. But yano what, I use them in the morning for a quick once over. Shoot me. And I honestly do really like these. 

Lush Dashing Santa - A fab little bath bomb, granted it was more of a strolling Santa across my bath. The scent this lil guy gave off was lovely. Will defiantly be getting more of these next Christmas. 

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub | £3.99 - Well this lasted me forever. And I mean forever! It still hasn't fully ran out but I have literally given up with it. The smell became too play dough like for me. The scrub itself was nice to use, not overly harsh on my skin. 

Soap & Glory Clean On Me | £6.50 - This super amazing smelling shower gel is a dream to use. It is one of my most favourite shower gels to use. Its very moisturising as it has added in body lotion. What more do you need from a shower gel? Will be defiantly repurchasing one of these when I have used up my other 12 shower gels... 

Lush Cinders - Not my most favourite of bath bombs from Lush. Turned my water into a wee like colour... But the scent was pleasant enough. 

Elvive Hydra Collagen Conditioner - I can't even find this on the Boots website, so that means it doesn't exist anymore. I think I picked this up from work pretty cheap as I was in need of a conditioner. I love the smell of Elvive products, it was a fairly good conditioner. I usually like them a touch thicker. 

Nailtiques Hand Conditioner | £12.54 - My dear friend Katie brought me a nail kit last Christmas (2013) and it has taken me this long to use it all up. I must admit I do not use hand creams a lot. But I did like this hand cream, it was very thick and took a while to fully absorb but once it had my hands felt so soft and hydrated. 

What have you used up this January? 

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  1. You can't beat Clean on Me by Soap & Glory! I've used so many of those bottles and always get more at Christmas/birthday :) x x

  2. I'm addicted to the Clean on Me! I also love the Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory, those are both things that are always empty for me!

  3. Thats a great post. I haven't used up anything. I really need to start using up products before buying new ones. I think I will aim to do this for at least February

  4. Ooh la la some lovely things in here! Shame about your strolling santa haha :') I'm yet to do my first empties post but you've inspired me to do so asap!

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

  5. i actually love makeup wipes, might have to give those a try!

    xx danielle //

  6. I really want to try soap & glory clean on me!
    Thx for sharing! great blog :D

  7. Lush just shouldn't be allowed to make yellow bath bombs hahahaha. They need to somehow change the colour of Cinders and then it will be lovely! xo

  8. Im not huge on Breakfast scrub :(


  9. Such a lovely shower gel :)



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