Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February Favourites

Hello there;

February happened in a blink of an eye didn't it? So much so, I really had to think about products/items that I have loved this month. 

I received a pack of mini Yankee Candles for Christmas and within them was the Cherry Vanilla scent. As soon as I started to burn it I knew I needed the larger version. I could not find it anywhere. But on Valentines day, my lovely boyfriend surprised me with one. I was over the moon, definitely one I will be repurchasing over and over again.

Next up is a product I received in a Birchbox many moons ago, Dr.Jart+ V7 Turnover Booster. I have been loving using this throughout February. It helps restore my skin to its best. I apply this after I have cleansed and toned. Allowing it to sink into my skin before I apply moisturiser. I have found that I get the best results from doing it. It is packed full of vitamins to help restore brightness, moisture and reduce irritation. It is a touch pricey at around £30 mark but I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out. 

Last up is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. The Benefit Roller Lash dupe. I have been loving the Roller Lash, but this is so much cheaper so I have been going for this more as I don't want to run out of my Roller Lash just yet. It has a very similar brush and you do get the similar effects. I suggest you guys go out and give it a try! 

HOW could I do a February favourites and not mention Fifty Shades of Grey. I make it no secret that I ADORE this book/film/the man who plays him. Ive been to see it three times so far and I am sure I will be seeing it again. I cannot wait for the 23rd June when it comes out on DVD so I can make my boyfriend watch it.  And the blogger of the week is my Fifty Shades buddy! 


Kenzie is one of my most favourite people ever. She has been through a lot in February and came out very positive and I am SO proud of her for that. After a little hiatus on her blog Lemonaid Lies, she is back and on form. Her Rest and Relaxation week has been wonderful to read, I throughly enjoyed reading them. If you do not already follow Kenzie, please go do so. I am sure you will love her just as much as I do. 

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  1. Diana Cloudlet3 March 2015 at 14:59

    I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Ah! I really need to pick up the Lash sensational! It looks great, especially if like you said, it is a dupe for the Roller Lash! :)
    Some great favourites.


    Elephant stories and more

  3. charlotterose.3 March 2015 at 20:08

    Sian your photography gets better and better with each post, I love it! And I love the Cherry Vanilla scent! And Kenzie's blog! Basically, I love this post ;)

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  4. Fab favourites, the Cherry Vanilla candle sounds gorgeous! I really want to try the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara as I’ve heard so many good things - will definitely be picking this up :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  5. A Johnson-JohsonsHouseofLove3 March 2015 at 22:27

    Cherry Vanilla is such a great smell! Can I admit that I've never read the 50 Shades book and haven't seen the movie yet. =/

  6. Finding those candles was one the best things ever, as I have now tried every scent in the range...I'm going for thats a success rather than obsession!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. I really like the shape of that candle compare to the Yankee candles I have and the cherry vanilla scent sounds amazing! I also enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey despite the bad reviews and I look forward to the sequels x

    Beauty with charm

  8. I do an half love you :) what made me chuckle was you said the word hiatus and thats part of what i had fixed thought it was great :D xxxx


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