Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lush Oxford Street Haul

As you know, I love Lush. So the thought of a three floor store opening in London was well music to my ears. Only there was one problem. I don't live near or in London. But my inner Lushie needed to go to the store so after a brief search at train times and prices online and a quick chat to the wife we arranged a day trip to the big smoke. We obviously went to other shops and ill be doing a post on that soon.

First of all, the shop is amazing all of my photos will be in my London post but seriously if you can get down there DO. The staff are as friendly as ever and it is just a nice shop to go around. Of course it is REALLY busy but it is London I doubt they ever have a quiet day. 

Comforter Shower Cream | £9.50 250g - My name is Sian and I love the Comforter scent. I now own the shower cream, the body lotion and the bubble bar. I wasn't expecting this to be glittery but it is and it makes me love it so much more. Can't wait to have a full on Comforter bath!

Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream | £9.50 250g - I adored the Lord of Misrule bath bomb when it came out at Halloween (I think) and I really regret not stocking up on them.  When I saw one of the Lush instagrams that I follow post about this I knew I had to make it mine. It again like the Comforter has a slight shimmer to it.

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap | £5.75 70g - This isn't a Lush Oxford Street exclusive obviously but when in Rome. I can remember Fleur De Force mentioning this in one of her videos and I have lusted over it from then on. But of course I always forget to order/pick it up when I am buying Lush. Can't wait to have silky smooth strawberry pins.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub | £13.95 250g - Again not an Lush Oxford Street exclusive again and this is a repurchase for me because I bloody well love it. Granted I do think at nearly £14 it is a touch expensive for a scrub but I like it so I am gonna buy it.

May Day Bath Bomb | £2.96 - Aniseed. Yes that is what this little badger bath bomb smells like. That much it has literally stunk my spare room out. Slightly regret buying it now for this fact as the smell is SO over powering but the money from this goes towards the THIS charity. Which of course makes it worth it.

Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb | £3.50 - This smells amazing! With a mixture of Majorcan almonds and rosewood it just smells well wow. I have seen this in action on Instagram and I know its gonna make one hell of a bath.

Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar | £5.95 - HOW FRIKKIN CUTE IS THIS?! Oh and it smells a little like Snow Fairy, how could I not pick it up. I was all over it as soon as I saw it. Definitely one I will be picking up more of in the future. It will be a sad day, when the day comes around for me to break his head off and crumble it up in a bath.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon | £3.95 - Very similar to Comforter I love the Rose Jam scent so it was obvious that I needed the bubbleroon in my collection too.

Cherry Blossom Bubble Bar | £5.95 - I am such a sucker for cherry blossom, be it the actual tree or anything with them on. I adore it. This bubble bar has such a pretty scent to it. And it just look gorgeous, like the Pink Flamingo I will 100% be picking up more of these.

What have you picked up from Lush Oxford Street?

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  1. I think a Lush bath is in order for this evening!


  2. I still need to visit the store, 3 floors of Lush sounds dreamy so I need to see it soon. You picked up so many goodies and I love that they have Lush Oxford street exclusive products x

    Beauty with charm

  3. 3 floors of Lush?! I reckon I'd be sneezing to death!!

    Anoushka Loves xx

  4. It is a dream, you need to get there asap.


  5. Its not that bad really! I suffer bad with hayfever and I was fine :)


  6. I so can't wait to get myself to the oxford street store! Excited really doesn't cover it x

  7. I NEED to go to the Oxford Street store! I was there a couple of days before it opened and it looked amazing, definitely need to make a trip into London now! I want the comforter shower gel so badly! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  8. Ooh I like the sound of Ocean Salt! I was in London recently but unfortunately didn't go as I knew I'd want everything and it wouldn't be easy to take on the train back to Manchester :( xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. I went to Lush Oxford Street the other day, but I didn't have enough time to browse so I didn't buy anything :( I live really close to London though, so I'll be back there very soon! You picked up some gorgeous stuff - I really want to try D'Fluff and the flamingo bubble bar now x

    Peppermint and Panda Eyes


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