Thursday, 11 June 2015

BirchBox June 2015 - French Sole

As you know this is one of my most favourite times of the month. BirchBox time. This month it is all based around getting outdoor as they have collabed with French Sole. Which make the most gorgeous pumps. This month we also got to pick which box design we had. There was three to choose from a very pretty floral pattern, a sweetie pattern and then the nautical one. Being the nautical lover that I am, I HAD to go for that one, something so pleasing when it comes to blue and white stripes.


Hip Ultra Shine Shampoo | £19 - A new BirchBox exclusive, OOOooOoOoo. I'm not often disappointed by these. The packaging reminds me a touch of Deadmau5 logo, just me? The smell is very recognisable with peppermint and eucalyptus in there, menthol would describe it best. I shall add this to my holiday box though for when I go away in August.

Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot | £36 - Mouthful that is ain't it?! Ive read some good reviews on this lil guy. Looking forward to putting him to the test to see him it does plump my face out. 

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash | £9 - Another item I can add to my going away pile as this is literally the perfect size for me. I can't quite pin point the scent, if anyone can help me out with that please?! I do love Balance Me products though so I am so pleased I received this.

ModelCo Powerlash Black Mascara | £14 - Ermm.... not a fan. ModelCo for me tend to be a little hit and miss. Maybe it just needs to dry out a little before it works best. But right now I am not overly impressed. Sorry :(

Penhaligon's Iris Prima | £85 - Firstly £85!!! I will not be repurchasing this nope. Secondly, I hate getting perfume samples in these boxes. This does smell nice don't get me wrong but I must rather have another sample of something else. I always end up losing these little spray bottles too.

STYLondon Temporary Metallic Tattoos | £7.99 - Ive never tried any metallic tattoos, not really my thing. But seeing as I will be venturing to Magaluf for my holiday, ill pop these into the pile too. I'm sure myself, Charli or Mina will get some use out of them,

Another extra we got this month is a French Sole shoe bag. I didn't even know these where a thing, but apparently they are and I now own one.  I probably won't use this for shoes, but I am sure I will find a use.

This months box was a little flat if you ask me. A couple of items I am really pleased with (Balance Me and Ren) but other than that I am not overly thrilled. Fingers crossed next months is a better box. What did you think to this months box?

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  1. great box ! I would love to try the Balance Me item :)

  2. charlotterose.11 June 2015 at 21:26


  3. I can see why would be a bit disappointed as I would feel the same with this box, it doesn't look very exciting x

    Beauty with charm

  4. Your box was a little different to mine, the only thing the same was the tattoo's (but I prefer the ones you had than my own haha) I'm writing my post up on mine now so I've taken a little inspiration from yours to keep writing my own haha.

    Sarah xo || See The Stars


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