Wednesday, 7 December 2016

November 2016 Favourites

Okay, so hands up who pressed the fast forward button on 2016?! How the actual hell is it December already... Although November was an excellent month, you can read all about that in my Hello December post. In November though I was loving loads of items, it was really hard to narrow it down; I could have easily picked 10+ times this month but that is a little excessive. So here are my top 5 items of November.

I make it no secret that I am utterly in love with Collection, Lasting Perfection concealer, it has been my go to concealer for years now. I keep trying over kinds but I always end up going back to this little beauty. Due to November being so busy, sleep as been on the back burner sadly; this is where concealer becomes my best friend. Lasting Perfection has thick consistency and blends in super easy which is fab when you are half asleep, massive bags under your eyes and need a quick fix. If you haven't already tried this concealer, I highly recommend you do.

Back in July I went on holiday with my best friend to Tenerife, it was a very lazy holiday. In fact the most lazy holiday all we did was sleep, sun bathe, eat and then sleep more. So I hardly spent a penny and what else do you do when you have been away and are coming back with lots of Euros?! Well you get your arse to duty free and you spend all of them Euros! I had been eyeing up Vikor & Rolf Flowerbomb up for some time but due to it being quite pricey, I had never had a chance to buy any. Well armed with all my Euros I decided to buy the biggest bottle I could get my hands on €99 later, I am a proud owner. I love how fresh and sweet this scent is and it is so long lasting. Perfumes on me tend to fade really fast but this doesn't and that makes me love it more. Next I need Bonbon in my collection.

Another high end product that I have been enjoying a lot lately is Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial. I got mine from BirchBox for an absolute bargain. £26 in fact. BirchBox is amazing for that, saving up your points for treats like this. Anyways back on track, this facial oil makes my skin feel out of this world. After doing a full cleanse and tone, I use this instead of my moisturiser. I apply two pumps all over my face patting it in but allowing most of it to sink in, in its own time. In the morning my face feels so moisturised and just better. I don't even know how to explain it.

I thought I would add a couple of non beauty favourites this month, one of my all time favourite things of life ever is Robbie Williams. I have been listening to Robbie since I was a child and my love for him has never died. November was a big month for us Robbie fans as his new album was released AND he announced his tour which I am going on in June. Heavy Entertainment Show is one brilliant album, I love all of the songs especially When You Know and Bruce Lee. If you are a fan and haven't heard this album yet, what are you playing at?! Get ya butt Spotify and listen to it.

Finally, I guess this is a forever favourite as well but Instagram has become a my favourite social media platform lately. Switching over to Instagram Business has helped me loads knowing when my followers are most active, so I now get the most out of my page. I have now also hit 1000 followers which has blown my mind! If you already follow me, thank you! If you don't @sianmariebeauty come and love me already!

What have you been loving lately?!

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