Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Whats in My 'Bruges' Bag & Discount Code

Every girl loves a good bag right? Something comfy to hold, looks good and well we want all of that for a cheap as possible. What if I told you, you can get all of that and also bag that looks like designer handbags at a fraction at the price?! Stick with me and you can get your own bag with a cheeky little discount. A perfect present for Christmas or for yourself and of course have a nosey at what I keep in my bag!

I purchased the bag I am going to talk about off the Boutique of Molly website, which is a brilliant website full off dresses and bags I spent ages looking around on it. It is very well laid out, super easy to navigate around. Finally taking my eyes off around 10 dresses that I liked I came across the bag section. So many beautiful bags to look at but the one that took my fancy was the Bruges*. This faux leather bag is so soft to feel but it still feels very sturdy. In side it has the most beautiful soft interior in a camel/tan shade. Plenty of zips and pockets and to finish it off a gold twist to lock. The bag is huge and you can fit so much inside in fact you can fit all of the following.

I tend to throw everything I can possibly grab my hands on and pop it straight into my bag. After a recent shopping trip with my mum I found all of this (plus 5634 receipts) inside;
- My glasses, I am not exactly blind without them but they help so much when I am driving and have tired eyes.
- House key and car key
- Michael Kors purse
- Tangle Teezer, because I can't go anywhere without it
- Kindle
- Portable charger and cable
- Make up so today it was 3 lipsticks, powder and setting spray
- My phone would also be thrown in here but as I took these photos I was listening to music on my dock but if anyone is interested its a iPhone 6s+

Honestly my bag is usually more full of rubbish than this but again this is a new bag but I am super impressed with myself right now. I love all this bag loads and for only £45 its a bargain. Boutique of Molly are super quick when it comes to delivery too, I was only waiting two days! Now for the good part, if you want to buy someone a present for Christmas or even yourself use the code SIAN20 at checkout for your very own discount!

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