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The "Drugstore" Mascara Review

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I get complimented on the length of my eyelashes on a weekly basis. Granted they are quite long naturally but I obviously enhance them with a good mascara. I have no single go to mascara, I change it up a bit as I tend to get pretty bored of one certain type of mascara. And I thought it was only fair that I shared my views on the 5 "drugstore" brands that I use. 

I hate using the word drugstore, but god how else do I describe it? Not high end? The cheaper ones? Bloody hell I don't know. I guess we've just gotta get over the name and crack on with it right?! Right okay lets go, it's gonna be a long one! 


First things first. I did not curl my eyelashes at all before using the following mascaras, all natural. And on my eyes, I primed them with a little concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection in Light 2) and then set this with my Mac Studio Fix powder in NW25. No editing has been done to enhance the length of the lashes only a little touch up to make the pictures brighter. I also did 2 layers of the mascara on each eye so all of them have a fair chance. 

I am going to kick this off with the most expensive one out of the 5 that I am going to review. 

Benefit's They're Real - £19.50 -

Okay, so this isn't the full size I got this from a magazine but its fantastic to have as it is travel size and so handy. And yes I will buy the full size when this is used up. 

I love the spool on this, it doesn't get clumped up and is so versatile as it has a little rounded edge so you can get the little lashes in the corner of your eye. The packaging is really simple and yes it doesn't stand out but I like that. As its what the product can actually do that makes this mascara stand out. 

As you can see my lashes look really long and they have separated nicely with this mascara. At first I really wasn't struck on it but as time has gone on and its thickened up a little I have fallen in love with this mascara. 

They look really filled out and almost a little false but I can promise you now it is all down to this mascara! It is a little tough to get off at the end of the day. But with how long this lasts throughout the day I don't mind scrubbing them a little more than I would with any of the others. This is a defiant must have in my eyes (no pun intended). Even if you are a little dubious on spending nearly £20 on a mascara it is totally worth it as I have had my little sample size ages now and it is no where near ready to give up on me!

Maybelline Falsies - £7.99 -

This has been a firm favourite of mine since it came out really, especially when they brought out the black drama, the blacker the better for me when it comes to my lashes. At one point this was all I used and boy did I use it to death! I should have had shares in Maybelline! I love the packaging as I am a massive lover of pink. Even if I am half asleep or not really paying attention to what I am doing I will know which one I am going for.

What I love about this mascara is its usually on offer, I don't think I have ever paid full price for one. Unless its in a 3-2 offer at Boots. But even then you are technically not paying full price are you? Some Sian logic for you there. The spool isn't as good as They're Real but you still get very similar results from it. It is a little con caved which is a massive help when you are trying to get right to the root of your lash bed. 

The lashes themselves have lengthened a lot and have separated lovely. As I said above, you don't quite catch all of the little lashes in the corner of your eye but it is close! It not as good on the bottom lashes as I tend to get it on my under eye with the spool being the shape it is, but I cope. 

I don't think you get the false eyelash look as much with this brand, even if the name does suggest it. But I adore this mascara and I have recommended it to anyone and everyone. It is so easy to remove a couple of wipes and it has gone. I will be buying this until they discontinue it. And even then I will do a massive bulk buy. I am not ready for this to leave my life anytime soon.

Nyx Doll Eye Waterproof - £9 -

Is it a little unfair that I put this in here and it is my only waterproof mascara or is it unfair on you guys if I don't review it? Im gonna review it no matter what you think, so ha. 

I brought mine from Pro Beauty North and got this at trade price and for the life of me I don't remember what I paid for it. But even at £9 I don't think it is unreasonable. It is a very simple mascara, there isn't anything that really stands out about this. Apart from it is very waterproof, it proved itself when I went to a dear work friends funeral. (I feel bad putting that but it did....). The packaging is very basic, black. But Nyx doesn't really show off. 

The spool is basic as well with a slight indent in the middle to help get the to lash root bed and I have not been disappointed when I have used it. I do get some length on my lashes and it seems to capture most of the lashes. 

It doesn't quite get to the little lashes in the corner but I wasn't expecting it too. The lashes themselves are longer than my natural but there isn't any volume to them at all, a tad disappointing but can't have it all can you. 

Rubbish photo, sorry.
I feel this is a good day to day mascara if you are willing to use a waterproof mascara. It is a bugger to get off though! You really have to persevere with it, but I guess that shows you how good it is at staying on your lashes. 

I don't think  I would rush to repurchase this as they're a lot of different waterproof mascaras that I need to try but I am happy with this one for now.

Rimmel Scandaleyes - £6.99 -

If you want a lot of volume, this is your guy. I love the colour of the packaging, it really stands out on the shelf and in your makeup bag. I have used this to death, even though out of all of my mascaras it doesn't give out the same results. But I will get to that in a minute. 

The spool on this is MASSIVE. And I don't like it. I usually end up getting this on my eye area somewhere. Also the brush tends to get quite clumped up, so you have to scrap some of the product on the side of the hole. You can see that evidence in the photo above. Yet, even though with all of these bad points I am still drawn to use this most days. I am hypocritical. 

Rubbish photo again, sorry....
Now the photo above isn't the best of photo. My camera went into dick mode when I was taking these photos. So I had to just do my best. You can see on my bottom lashes it has a little clump and its so annoying when it does this, if it wasn't for said clumping. This would be a firm all time favourite mascara for me. 

Dick mode, camera. Someone buy me a new one?
You can see the volume a little better in this crappy photo. (Im getting angry now at my camera). When I use this mascara I tend to team with up with either They're real or Falsies as they give me fantastic length and this gives me the volume. I would usually do this when I am going on a night out. As I don't partially like wearing false lashes and I get a very similar affect. 

Revlon Lash Potion - £9.99 -

This is a new purchase for me, I was kinda drawn in buy the packaging it looks SO pretty. I don't really own a lot of Revlon, not quite sure why it just doesn't usually do it for me. But whilst doing a 3-4-2 around Boots, I decided to throw this into my basket. 

Its a pretty bog basic mascara with how the spool is set out. Nothing really stands out for me on this. And sadly it is the same when I applied it to my lashes. I was expecting a lot more going by the name of the product. I knew there was a reason why I never use Revlon products.

Yes my lashes have had a little added length but trust me, this is nothing special. The picture just does it a lot of justice. I had to really work at my lashes to get them separated and looking half decent. 

There is hardly no volume, nothing. I guess if you want something just to throw on for work, or popping to the shops this will do fine. But if you want outstanding lashes for a night out. I wouldn't waste your money.  Don't get me wrong it might work fantastically for you but this is all my own experiences with these products. It is really easy to remove but this was no shock to me seeing as I know how it went on. 

And there we have it guys! Sorry to end it on a little bit of a downer. But i've gotta be honest with you all. 

Has this been helpful for you?

Any other mascaras you want me to review, please leave a comment below!



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