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Charlotte Tilbury*

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Around a month ago now, I was very fortunate enough to win Every Little Thing one year of blogging giveaway. I adore Ella's blog so please do go check her out, she is so sweet. Winning this giveaway gave me the chance to pick out any Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad and lipstick. Which I can tell you know is so hard to do. Especially when you want them all! 

Quick disclaimer, I could not get decent photos of these products as no photos will ever justify how beautiful they are. 

I ended up going with Love Liberty Matte Revolution lipstick, retails for £23 and The Glamour Luxury eyeshadow quad which retails for £38.

I picked The Glamour quad simply for the gorgeous purple shade. I don't have anything like this shade and knew I needed it in my collection. Don't get me wrong the other colour are simply to die for too. 

One of the first things I noticed with this palette is how light it is. For some reason I have the mind set of its high end it'll be heavy. Probably from over using my Urban Decay Naked palettes. But this quad is so light, but the packaging is super sturdy. I'm not worried that I will smash the shadows at all.  Of course it is in the classic Charlotte Tilbury colours the dark ox blood/brown with rose gold detailing. Which only downside is it like to show up finger marks, bane of a bloggers life when it comes to taking photos. I tried to remove most of them but yano I'm only human I get bored of getting rid of one to create a new one. Moving on from that, there are the cute little Charlotte Tilbury stars on the outer packaging and the actual quad packaging. 

Shall I just be quiet now, so we can all stare at its beauty?
Is that enough time? If you want a little longer, please feel free to do so. I totally understand. 
The colours compliment each other perfectly. If you saw my Instagram a few weeks ago I posted a photo for a works night out using this palette on my eyes. I got A LOT of compliments that night on my make up. Stupidly, I deleted the close up on my eyes off my phone. 

The shadows themselves blend amazingly, the colour pay off is instant, literally a one swipe wonder if you are looking for a quick look. But they are very very build able if you wanted a more dramatic look. This formula is like nothing I have ever used before, my favourite two shades are the two on the right. They just match each other perfectly. Creating the most gorgeous look with ease. One thing I am a little gutted about is the purple doesn't stand out on me as much as I wished. But I do need to play about with it a little more, so watch this space. The highlighter shade is perfect for highlighting the brow bone too. Basically I just really enjoy using this palette. I love the creaminess, the texture, the colours, everything. I know now I need more of the palettes in my life. Keep a look out for the swatches of this quad at the end of the post.

Next up is the lipstick, now again I tried to stay away from red. Even though the Red Carpet Red is out of this world gorgeous. I also know that Glastonberry is becoming a very iconic shade from the Matte Revolution line. But I wanted something a little different. A shade that I hadn't read a lot about. That is the reason why I went for Love Liberty

I will start with the packaging again. The outer packaging on this is a matte box, which is different to the rest of the range as they come in patent boxes. This making it stand out more compared to its brothers and sisters. The packaging of the bullet reminds me the glamorous 1950's, think Marilyn Monroe glamour. Unlike the eyeshadow quad, this is quite weighty a touch heavier than MAC lipsticks. 

The shade itself is stunning a deep red (yes I know I said I wanted to stay away from reds, but its not red red). It has tiny little specks of shimmer but they don't transfer onto your lips that you can tell. 
With this being a matte lipstick, they tend to be very drying on my lips. Obviously this doesn't put me off matte finishes as most of my collection is matte. But I am very wary that I must pop a lip balm on first. With Love Liberty though I have noticed that is must more moisturising compared to the MAC matte finishes. 

The idea behind these lipsticks is to give your lips the lit within look, giving them the appearance of a fuller and wider look. Now do I think it does this? No. But I do feel extra special when wearing this lipstick and with that feeling you will have a glow about you. I do like the shape of the bullet, its more squared off on the end, giving you a more precise finish. Its a lot easier to use than I was expecting as like most people I am used to the normal tips on lipsticks. 

The lipstick is very long lasting, I wore this to a meal at Hooters a couple of weeks ago and it stayed on nearly all night. And there was A LOT of eating going on that night. So I am very impressed with its longevity. Oh did I mention it smells beautiful, like vanilla cupcakes! 

Ignore the lines on my arm, it was cold the day I took this. Had my sleeves rolled up slightly.
 From the swatches above you can see just how beautiful the colours are. As you can also see I have gushed about how much I love these and it is the 100% the truth. I have defiantly find a new love for higher end products, these are so luxurious and I feel so lucky to have won these products. Again please go check out Ella's blog here

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury before?

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*I won these in a giveaway


  1. Lucky you, such an amazing prize to win :D! I love the lipstick shade you picked out and yes that palette is just stunning! Everything about Charlotte Tilbury is just so luxurious and beautiful x

    Beauty with charm

  2. These look incredible! Those eyeshadow shades, I mean WOW!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  3. I think you picked the best ones ever! I really want the lipstick in Bitch Perfect, but I've fallen in love with the Red Vixen Lip Lustre too! So many things :'((((

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

  4. Wow, lucky you! You've chosen beautiful shades! I love that purple in this quad, it's a shame is not as pigmented as you expected but still gorgeous :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  5. OMG I can't believe you won these! that purple in the palette is just wow, like beautiful! xx

  6. amazing! congratulations on winning and choosing these beautiful products! that lipstick shade though -Uh-mazing!!

    Shanna |

  7. Both CT products look so beautiful! I'm getting a CT lipstick for Christmas - I can't wait! <3

  8. Oh my gosh, that purple is gorgeous. That is the next palette I need to get.


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