Tuesday, 9 December 2014

MakeUp Revolution Blush Palette

Hello there;

Looking for a blush palette for all your needs, then I have the one for you. And at only £6 its made for any ones budgets.

The Sugar & Spice palette has been out for quite a while now and I have never read a bad review on it yet. Typically of Make Up Revolution the packaging is black and sleek. It is a style that will never go out of fashion. Another Make Up Revolution is great at providing is the massive mirror. It is the same size as the palette itself.

The palette consists of 8 gorgeous shades of blush and highlighters; 5 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades. Sugar and Spice is a great name for this palette. It has the cute baby pink shades right up to a slightly darker, almost contour shade. 

Sadly these do not have names but you can see from the photos above how beautiful the shades are. You get a decent amount of product per shade, which is great as you can get a big fluffy blush brush in there and not pick up colours from the other pans. That is a massive pet peeve of mine.

The swatches above are the first 4 in the palette. Straight away you can see how pigmented these are. The first shade in the palette is a more taupey colour with slight shimmer flecks with in. Next is the more deeper pink blush shade which is completely matte. 

Second one in on the top row of the palette is the more contour shade, its a very light matte brown. Which is great for giving you that slightly bronzed look. Finally out of the first four is a lighter pink. This shade gives you a really fresh faced look when lightly swept across your cheeks.

First off the highlighters, the pink I would not use as a highlight or blush as it is too much for me. But I do think this would make a gorgeous eyeshadow for the party season! The other highlighter though is perfect for adding that dewy look to your skin, it is more of a lilac in colour. Also a great shade for adding that extra something in the corner of your eyes.

The last two blusher shades are a Barbie Pink, which is PINK. You literally need the tiniest of amounts to add that subtle blush look to your look. And finally my favourite shade out of them all the Coral shade. For me this colour suits nearly every make up look that I do. I can't stop using it. 

The formulation of these blushes is very creamy and so easily blend-able. I was expecting them to be a little hard to work with but its the complete opposite. The last forever as well, I have noticed with more drugstore blushers they seem to fade away after a few hours. But this palette sticks to your cheeks. Especially the highlighter shade, after a night out I could still see the colours on the top of my  cheek bones. 

I can see this palette being a staple in my make up collection now for a long time. It is so versatile. Maybe, just maybe I need to place my Benefit Rockateur on the back seat.

Have you tried the Sugar and Spice palette before?

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  1. The shimmery shades are so shimmery! I totally agree it'd be better for an eyeshadow instead.


  2. Most of the shades are so gorgeous! I really need to pick this up, you can't go wrong with Makeup Revolution palettes, can you? x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. What a gorgeous palette! Those shades are so pretty!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. I love this palette and used it all the time until a few days ago when I got the newest version Golden Sugar, which is now my face all the time instead. I am just loving Makeup Revolution lately :D x

    Beauty with charm

  5. I am obsessed with their golden version of this. You need to try their latest palette too..ah-mazing!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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