Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Perfect Party Palette* & Discount Code!

Hello there;

Seeing as the new year is slowly coming up which more than likely means drunken celebrations. MeMeMe has created this gorgeous palette that will suit any party.

Straight off I love the colour of the packaging, it obviously has to be a deep purple colour as the palette is called Rich Plum. The palette come in a cardboard sleeve and the palette itself is made out of a sturdy cardboard. Its very light which we all love as this would make a great travel companion.

I love the colours in this palette! I love how they are a mixture of shimmer and mattes, how they are neutrals to darker daring shades. Rich Plum really does suit this palette, with the purple that really stands out compared to the other colours. The formulations on these shadows are really creamy and soft, making them so easy to blend. I haven't used the brush that comes with the palette as I am a sucker for my 217 brush. But MeMeMe have gone on the same tracks as Urban Decay with a duel ended brush that isn't that rubbish foam ends. This is a brush that can actually help blend your make up! 

With there being shadows in here with shimmer/glitter within them there is quite a bit of fall out. I find this happens a lot when it comes to glitter shadows. Just be wary of that. When I do my make up with this I always apply my foundations and then do my eyes, this way my base can be perfected after I removed the fall out. 

As I said before the shadows are super creamy, they are some of the softest shadows I have worked with in a while. They are very pigmented, the swatches above are one swipe wonders. They are build able though, don't think that these can't be more intense. Oh they can. I used the matte black out the outer edge of my eye for a recent night out and oh boy it was BLACK! 

At the moment MeMeMe has this palette on a special price of £13.50 (usually £15) but at the checkout if you place in the code MeMeMe25 you can get an extra 25% off!! Making this palette an absolute steal! Personally I think you would be daft not too take up this offer. Maybe a cheeky little Christmas present to yourself? Let me know if you use this discount code, I would love to know what you brought :) 

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  1. Ooo this is gorgeous! I just love the shades in it, they are right up my street! x

    Beauty with charm

  2. This palette is such a bargain! The shades are just gorgeous too, perfect for party season x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. Super pretty shades!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. Oh Sian... this is just bloody beautiful! These are my kind of shades... do I need another eyeshadow palette though???? x


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