Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Things That Make Christmas Tag

Recently I was tagged by Becky from The Little Blog of Beauty to do this tag. 
It is made up of 5 things that makes Christmas special to us. These are the mine!

1. Christmas Markets - I 100% love a good Christmas market. Ive been to the Nottingham one loads of times before. This year I went to the Chatsworth House one which was massive and so lovely to walk around. I have never been to the very much talked about Lincoln market but I will do one year! I wanted to do it this year, but just as my luck goes I got a chest infection on that weekend. Always next year huh?

2. Food - I make it no lie that I love food, but Christmas food is the best. Christmas dinner, the chocolates, shortbread, Terry's Chocolate Orange, selection boxes. I love it all! 

3. Waking up on Christmas morning - I love this for 2 reasons. 1 for the fact Ive probably just done a massive stint at work including a few 12 hour shifts thrown in there and Christmas morning means I can have a lie in and NO WORK. The second reason is I still wake up all excited. I am still 6 at heart.

4. Family & Friends - Its that one day of year that you tend to see people you haven't seen for a long while. Its day of happiness, love and joy! 

5. Presents - I love giving them and I also love receiving them. I love seeing peoples reactions as they open the presents that I have picked out especially for them. Fingers crossed that they like them all. I also love seeing what people have got for me. Not only because they have brought me something, but because they have seen said item and they thought of me. That, that one item made them think "Oh Sian would love that". 

I am not going to tag anyone for this. 
I tag everyone! I hope you enjoyed my answers and I look forward to reading yours.

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  1. Christmas morning is still so exciting for me too! Christmas markets are just the best too! Perfect to get in the spirit of Christmas. x x

  2. Not going to lie, the food is one of my favourite parts about Christmas! lol xx

  3. I still haven't been to a Christmas market, despite the fact that I lived in Lincoln for about 5 years up until July. They have an amazing market every year. I think it's the crowds that daunt me. Eek. I like my personal space and some people just don't get that especially when they're hunting madly for bargains. x


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