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Benefit Top Picks

Benefit Cosmetics Top Picks

Benefit are one of my favourite brands. FACT. I am slowly building up quite a collection, I probably have items I don't even remember buying somewhere in my stash. But in this post here are six of my most used Benefit products. I couldn't quite narrow it down to five....

Yes, I have picked two eye creams but I love these both for different reasons. It's Potent was the first skin care product I tried from Benefit. This is my favourite eye cream to use at night, I find it super hydrating and in the morning I can certainly see the different to my eye area. The only downside to this I feel is the pot, I end up with cream under my nails I would much prefer my creams to be in pumps. But to solve mt cream-behind-nails issue, I grab a cotton bud and scoop it out that way; very multi use cotton buds aren't they. The second eye cream is Puff Off! when this was first launched my initial thoughts was gimmicky, oh look at the iron tip how cute, that surely won't do anything. Well let me eat my words please. The iron is amazing! I find this eye cream is best in the morning, it has a more gel like consistency than It's Potent allowing to soak in faster. Back to that little iron, it is always cold so upon applying the product de puffs your eye area; now this is something that I need in the morning. It is actually a little miracle worker.

If you haven't heard of They're Real then I suggest you unpack your rock and come into the big wide world. This is a number one best seller for a reason, its the dogs dangly bits. If you are looking for fuller, longer looking lashes then this is your guy. It doesn't flake off, it doesn't crumble off, it holds a curl and it has a fantastic brush to help you achieve the ultimate fake lash look. A downside is that is a sod to remove, I found a oil based remover helps but I fully forgive it for being stubborn to get off as I just gosh darn love it so much. From eyes to lips Posie Balm is one of the prettiest lip balms I own. It leaves a subtle hint of pink, it hydrates and well the packaging is stunning.

Last two on my top picks are two items I will forever repurchase. Rockateur was massively hyped up when it was launched, just as the rose gold hype started. So naturally I had to have it. It leaves the most natural flushed look on your cheeks. I don't pile this on as it is very pigmented and no one wants to look like a clown. Well unless you do, then please feel free no judgements here. But personally I like the natural "I've just be on a little jog look at my cute lil rosy cheeks" look. And I don't know if its just me, but it smells amazing a light floral smell. Anyone else noticed this? Now for my last and all time favourite Benefit product. Hoola. I have several bronzers in my stash and I flirt with them now and again but I always come crawling back to Hoola. This matte bronzer is perfect for contouring my cheeks, tanning up my face and one of my all time favourite tricks hiding my double chins. Hoola blends out beautifully and when done right can look super natural.

What are your favourite Benefit items?! What would you suggest I try next?

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  1. I really like their lip glosses which came as a surprise as I was expecting much. Roller Lash is lovely too.

  2. I love Hoola : ) it's one of my favourites! I need to get my hands on Rockateur! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. I've loved hoola for years and think i always wll, it's lovely. Mine's in desperate need of replacing though it's cracked to bits!

    Emma | Emma Louise Loves Beauty

  4. I think Hoola has to be my ultimate favourite product from Benefit, it's just perfect!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  5. I love hola bronzer and rockateur blush! I really want to try one of their mascaras but mascara doesn't last long for me so I can't justify paying a lot x

    Lauren xx


  6. They're Real is amazing, I love it!

  7. I used to be a huge Benefit fan when I was younger and whilst I still love some of their products I've also discovered other brands that I love. They're Real, Hoola & Rackateur are also some of my favourites x

    Beauty with charm


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