Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kiss Brow Kit*

 Not to sound big headed, but I have been told enough times in my life that I have pretty good eyebrows. Naturally. Apart from the odd uno brow incidents when I was younger I have always kept them pretty tame. I never over plucked them when I was a teen and I am more than thankful for my younger lazy self for that. I don't think a full brow will ever go out of style now, Cara Delevinge brows all the way please. 

But saying that, I do like to keep mine maintained. Especially now as I love to fill them in it is actually my favourite part of my makeup routine. I think brows frame the face beautifully so they have to be done right. I am lucky enough to have a very talented beautician as a friend who does my brows on the regular but every girl needs a holiday and sometimes Katie is pretty booked up. So I need a plan B! When I was emailed about trying out the Kiss Beautiful Brows kit, how could I turn it down?

Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit
Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit

Within this kit you get 2 brow shades, a highlight shade, a wax and a little razor to trim down them pesky longer brow hairs. 
The darker shade at the moment is a little too dark for me but the lighter brown is spot on. Maybe I could use the darker one just to add a little more definition if I was feeling fancy. The highlighter shade is stunning perfect for the brow bone and also the inner corner of your eye. And the wax actually works, I have tried a few of these brow kits and I have been disappointed with the wax as it just sits on top of the brow; but this one hasn't let me down at all. As a added bonus you also get a tiny spooly and double ended brush for on the go. The only thing is this lacking is a mirror but I won't hold it against it too much. But what makes this kit EXTRA special are these next for items.

Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit

How amazing are these?! They make applying your brow powder so much more easy, you don't even have to think. Just colour in really. My personal favourite is delicate with that slight arch. They are made of a rubbery material that makes them easy to clean.

All of this for $7.99 which is around £5! I don't think which I am more impressed with how cheap it is to buy for what you get or how amazing the product actually is. 

Is this something that you would go for?!

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  1. I'm so rubbish with my brows so could definitely do with something like this! The stencils look pretty handy. Unfortunately I don't have great brows like you (I over plucked when I was younger) but they're getting better! xo

  2. this looks amazing! The shades look like the perfect match for my brows and I love the idea of getting stencils with it x

    Lauren xx


  3. Hi I have been reading your blog and it looks really great! I have only just created a blog of my own. I have only written one blog post but if you have time could you check it out? I would really appreciate it if you could - beautyspotbs.blogspot.co.uk


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