Sunday, 12 July 2015

NYX Face Awards UK - Vanity Vemon

Well my little sugar plums, I am here today to ask a favour. My friend Emily or Vanity Vemon as she is more commonly known as on the Internet; has just placed in the top 10 of the NYX Face Awards.
Amazing I know! So what I want is you to vote for her when the voting is open. I will be tweeting out links and placing the link at the bottom of my upcoming blog posts.

Emily is one of the sweetest people I know, she is a fantastic makeup artist and is willing to give you advice whenever you ask. Her Facebook page Vanity Venom (you can find here) has exploded with over 11k likes on it and all for good reason. Her looks on herself and on other people are incredible, Emily's imagination knows no boundaries. How she comes up with these looks I have no idea, I obviously do not own the creative gene. One of Emily's biggest achievements to date was being flown out to America to be featured on Transformations with James St. James and you can watch that video here! Emily is a massive lover of the drag queen scene and has been featured appearing as some of the UKs top night clubs looking absolutely fabulous. But these are just words, I will let the following photos do the talking. 

Her two looks she has done for the UK NYX Face Awards have been amazing of course. The first round was based on the phrase "Quintessentially British" and the second round was based on a Festival theme. Below are both of Emily's video entries enjoy watching them and please watch this space for the voting links from me! For someone who comes from a smallish town in Nottinghamshire this girl is going to go far and we are all backing her!


Thank you from myself and Emily!

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