Saturday, 8 October 2016

Halloween & Christmas Lush Haul

Am I the only one who walks into Lush and is determined to only pick up a couple of bath bombs, because you know full well you have 7 other Lush items at home that need using up. But you end up spending nearly £40 on 10 items. Oh it's not just me, thank god for that. I picked up these items after a visit to Meadowhall recently.

Every year, when it comes to Halloween I get so excited. Not for Halloween itself but it means Lord Of Misrule (£3.95) will be launched! I love the smell of this, it's a little herbally which isn't usually my first choice when it comes to Lush scents, but LOM is unreal. It creates a wonderful green and pink bath art on the top of your bath and the water goes a deep purple, almost a red wine sort of colour. If you buy anything this year from Lush, I would recommend this guy!

Without a shadow of a doubt,  I will always pick up a bath bomb purely because it looks pretty but I don't smell it. I did this with Autumn Leaf (£3.75). The pretty colours pulled me in, all I could think of was this will look amazing on my Instagram. But it smells of grass and I don't like grass scents. Luckily it isn't as strong smelling as the carrots were (Easter 2015/16?), so fingers crossed when it comes round to using this bath bomb it may just surprise me.

Okay, so how cute is the Boo Bath Melt (£3.50), I am going to feel so guilty as I watch his face melt. I adore Lush bath melts Razzle Dazzle being a personal fave, so a new limited edition Halloween melt had to be mine obviously. On the Lush website it is described to have a gingery scent, I cannot detect this just through smelling the product but when I throw it in my bath that may come through. I hope so because I love gingery warm scents. Watch this space on my Instagram - @sianmariebeauty 

Golden Wonder (£4.25) is one of my favourite bath bombs from the Christmas range. I held on to my last one last year until around April time. It creates such a fun bath with all the different colours on the top. It smells literally divine with sweet orange and lime being the main scents. I am literally sat here just sniffing the packaging.... 

A lot like Golden Wonder, Luxury Lush Pud (£4.25) is a staple bath bomb in my collection when it comes to Christmas time. Its such a pretty looking bath bomb and creates the ultimate pink bath. LLP reminds me a lot of Twilight with the lavender scent. This would be perfect at night time, after a stressful day to just unwind and help you have a good nights sleep. 

Shoot For The Stars (£4.25) has had a revamp into this gorgeous deep blue and golden star beauty. It is a very refreshing bath bomb with orange being the main ingredient. Now because this has had the revamp I have no idea what sort of bath it will create. But I am going to assume it'll be a gorgeous deep blue with lots of glitter. I'm thinking a long the same lines as Intergalactic. 

Another bath bomb that has had a revamp is Northern Lights (£3.95). This bath bomb came out back in 2015 and there was a huge hype over it. Firstly it looked amazing and it created amazing colours in your bath, but due to it being so thin it snapped. A lot. So the team at Lush have redesigned it to this chunkier version. Still has the same vibrant colours of purples, yellows and blue it also has the same soothing jasmine scent. I am so excited to throw this into my bath!

A brand new Christmas product and in memory of David Bowie, let me introduce Snowie (£4.25). It's such a cute little snowman with the iconic Bowie lightening bolts on his belly. I was instantly drawn to this bubble bar. It's not the biggest of bubble bars, it would either create two baths or one hell of a bubble mountain bath. It has quite a tangy aroma to it with grapefruit in the mixture, very refreshing. When I picked it up in store it felt so creamy to hold so I am going to assume with will make a creamy lather when its being crumbled into my bath.

Nearly there guys, just two more items. Next up is this pretty lil guy Snow Angel (£4.25), I tend to purchase this most Christmases. I think its a stunning bath melt creating a really soft lather with a rose scent. Whenever I have used this before I always come out the bath feeling very relaxed and pampered, my skin feels so soft and moisturised. I couldn't recommend this bath melt enough.

And finally, probably one of the most iconic Lush Christmas products, second to Snow Fairy shower gel, we have Magic Wand (£5.95). I say second to Snow Fairy, this smells like Snow Fairy! Super sweet and amazingly glittery and pink. A long with LOM it is one product I will have several of over the Christmas period. Sadly it is a little more expensive than the rest, I do think it is worth nearly £6 as you can get around 2-3 baths out of this. This year there is a lot more glitter on it which makes it looks loads prettier. 

What Lush products have you been loving lately?! Anymore that I should try out from the new ranges?

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