Wednesday, 12 October 2016

"Water" October Birchbox

Wow I have missed telling you about my little monthly treat, Birchbox! And what a box to get it all kick started again. When I saw that there was going to be four different boxes that you could received I hoped that I would get Water, and blow me down. Look what I went and got! The reason I got water is because my star sign is Cancer. Lucky meeee! Firstly, I adore the new draw like boxes you get, so much better than the boxes from before. Also really handy for storing items in after you have emptied the contents from Birchbox out. I am loving the starry night sky design on this months box, AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!! 100% going to be keeping this box.

Lets start with my little mistake, I received the Batiste XXL Volume Spray (£4.29) in last months box.  Upon my box being sent out to me, Birchbox realised their mistake and sent me an email explaining that they had given me this product again. So I had two choices have an extra item in my next both (a hair balm which I was meant to get) or £5 in Birchbox points. To me this was an easy choice, £5. I am not keen on hair balms as they lay heavy on my hair and I am all for free money. Anyways back to this little pink bottle, I have brought the full size version of this before and loved it. The fact I now have two minis is brilliant for me, as I have a little bit of traveling to do over the next few months so these will come in handy! 

Rituals is always a brand I forget about and I don't know why because whenever I have tried their products in the past I have loved them. Rituals Hammam Body Mud (£14) is a brand new product to me. It says it is a purifying body scrub, this excites me. Let me just start with how it smells, eucalyptus really stands out and I love it. Super refreshing, going to be the perfect scrub on them days when you feel a little rubbish and need something uplifting. 

Can't have a BirchBox and not have an item of makeup in there. Lord & Berry are a BirchBox fave and I don't blame them. They have produced some lovely items which I have had through this subscription box, this months box is no exception. I have received the Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick (£12) in shade Intimacy. I'm a sucker for a matte lipstick and this colour is perfection for a nude lip. Can't wait to try it out. 

Number 4, coincidentally is my fourth product to mention; is a brand I have only ever seen in Birchbox.  I believe I had a salt spray before and I wanna say a de-tangler also, both which I have used up.  In this both I have what I originally thought was antibacterial hand gel but it is actually Fluro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil (£18). I like hair oils as they aren't too heavy on the ends of my hair. Will be good if this bottle gets the shine back into my hair especially the ends. 

Wooohoooo  makeup tool! Love getting these as it adds to my collection and it doesn't even feel like I went out and brought it, if you get what I mean! In this box I received the BirchBox Eyebrow Brush (£1.99), now I don't know about you but I would rather use a spooly when it comes to my brows but this little guy will certainly come in handy when I want to trim my brows down.

Finally I bring you the product I was most intrigued by, Doux Me Pure Spring Mist (£16). I have seen these water mists about before, Evian has one that several bloggers talk about in the warmer months but I have never used one myself. Very excited to give this a whirl and see what the hype is about. At £16 unless it is amazing, I doubt I would rush to buy another one but gotta try everything at least once...

What did you receive in your BirchBox this month? 
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