Saturday, 22 October 2016

Keeping Lush Fresh

You should know by now that I love Lush, but there is nothing worse than your bath bomb not doing what it should. When it hardly fizzes and just sinks to the bottom of your bath tub. We all dream of that perfect Instagramable bath art image that is going to get all the likes. But how do you keep Lush products are fresh as possible?!

Cling film. Yep, that is. Well that's kinda it. There is also a second part to this but I'll get there soon. So back to cling film. The guys who work in Lush do an amazing job of wrapping up the items up really tightly in their brown bags, but what if you wanna take photos of that bath bomb; you're going to ruin their good work and next thing you know you have a bath bomb that's gone all soft and is basically no good. If you open the brown bags, take your photos and wrap them up nice and tightly in cling film. This stops more air getting to the products leaving them lasting longer. I always pop them back in the corresponding brown bag and add them to my basket. Some of the more obscure shapes, like Magic Wand do take a few goes before you'll have not ripped the cling film but guys this little step is so worth doing.

My last part of looking after my Lush items is to keep them in a cool dry place. I have a basket that is in my bathroom that I solely use for my Lush items. My bathroom hardly ever gets warm, even when I have been in the bath and I keep it well ventilated to try and keep condensation and steam at a minimum. This again will keep your Lush products to their best abilities. End of the day Lush isn't the cheapest bath product ever and when I am spending £30-£40 per shopping trip I want my products to last as long as possible so I can enjoy them to their fullest. And also spam my Instagram feed with my photos.... I hope this helps.

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