Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Blog Made Me Buy It

I am a self confessed beauty magpie, pretty patterns, colours and packaging just sucks me in. I always find it so hard to walk away from a product that is a packaged perfectly. In this post I am going to tell you about a few items that I own, which I find it almost impossible to use as they are just to darn pretty and also that I most likely brought them because of a hype around them... oops.

When it comes to eye shadow palettes, the Naked range from Urban Decay has to be one of my favourites I have 1,2,3 and a basics palette. I make it no secret that Naked 2 is my favourite and yes I purely brought 3 for the hype but I didn't feel complete without the full family (I am aware I need Smokey now), this palette is full of pinks and rosy tones. Which if I am honest with you, do not suit me at all. I have used a few of the shades now and again, Dust is a makes a beautiful pinky highlight shade. Factory makes a lovely transitional shade when doing a smokey eye and finally Blackheart just adds a little extra when it comes to a smokey eye on the outer corner due to its pink flecks of glitter.   Do I see £38.50 a waste of money seeing as I will hardly use it? Ermmmm nope!

Another eye shadow that I brought due to the hype is the ever so popular Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. I do have a couple of others out of this range; Timeless Black and the cult On and On Bronze which I use a lot. But why did I buy a pink eye shadow when I know that they do not suit me. Well its rose gold and I felt like I needed it in my collection that is why. I can't even give you a justifiable reason why I brought it. Judge me ha! When you open this up and its unused, with its perfectly flat top it so satisfying to look at. Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks like this!

MAC lipsticks are still a firm favourite of mine and if you were a reader of my blog last year, you will know that "Girl About Town" was a firm favourite of mine. With me loving that pinky blue toned lipstick so much, I thought I was onto a winning combination which made "Show Orchid" an obvious choice. Nope. As gorgeous as this colour is I cannot pull it off. But oh boy its a gorgeous shade and I simply cannot part with it. Every now and again I pull it out and attempt to pull it off, but I just can't. I am gutted about this, I really am; for now, she'll stay in my collection looking pretty.

Last off is the cheek department, Benefit is still one of my all time favourite makeup brands. All of their packaging is to die for and Posie Tint is a true reflection of this with its metallic outer, it's just so eye catching. A while back I had a makeover at my local Benefit counter and the lady who worked there used this on me, I loved the effect it gave me. So naturally I had to have it. Since I brought it home though I have used it once and it went totally wrong, it now scares me to use it.

Soap & Glory are another brand that I adore the packaging off, as far as high street brands go these have it down to a fine art. Amazing quality products and packaging for low prices, what more could you want from a brand?! I can remember seeing Love At First Blush featured on someones blog and I knew I needed that pinwheel blush in my collection. It is the perfect blend of pink, rose gold and a white highlight colour, to give off a gorgeous flush on your cheeks. I only use this blush sparingly as the thought of hitting pan on this gives me chills down my spine. It is stunning.

I have a soft spot for highlighters and when Sleek announced they were bringing out a highlight quad, well I lost my s**t. Precious Metals was a Christmas present of my best friend nearly 3 years ago and I can say hand on heart I have only used this twice. It is one of them products I hardly pick up due to not wanting to spoil it. I am also having a massive love affair with Benefits Watts Up highlight at the moment so sadly this is at the back of my mind when it comes to cream highlighters.  But since doing this post, I have popped this to the front of my pile, I will use it more. I feel like I have neglected it too long now.

Lastly, my most precious item of my entire collection. My Charlotte Tilbury Film star Bronze and Glow. I love love loveeeee this product, I would use it everyday if I could afford to. But at £49 this little gem is just so damn expensive for that. I use this bronze and highlight duo for special occasions, because it makes me feel fancy. This is one of them products that yes there is a massive hype around it but its not one of them that comes and goes like a lot of products on the market. This duo is actually amazing is totally worth the hype! Out of all the products I have spoken about on this post, this is the only one that I would urge you to go buy. It looks incredible as does all of the Charlotte's products, but the quality of the bronze and highlight are amazing.

Have you got any products that you brought purely for the hype or because of the pretty packaging?! 

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