Saturday, 15 October 2016

Shadow Switch*

Hands up, who is lazy like me and literally detests cleaning their brushes? Nice to know I am not the only one. One of the main reasons I don't use eye shadow a lot is down to having to clean my brushes more. Doing just liner doesn't require cleaning anything. So when Beauty Essentials contacted me asking if I wanted to try out a "dry brush cleaner", well I was all over it. But was it going to be too good to be true?

First of, I love the packaging I love candy stripes. This is changing though to a plain bright pink packing which I am also fine with, because I love pink. Inside I was expecting some form of magic but not a black foam. Like literally this is it, a black foam. Once again I was a little suspicious of this actually working. What sort of witch craft was this?! 

 SO, the idea is, you use your eye shadow brush as normal then if you want to use a different colour, swirl your brush around on the foam and it will clean your brush. Can you see why I had my doubts, no shampoo, no real maintenance involved. Just a simple swirl. The only way I was going to find out was to give it ago. 

Of I toddled to do a simple smokey eye, usually this is where I think f**k, I needed that brush to do my next part of my look but its covered in black. Normally I would use one of my other brushes that does an alright job but not the best job. But luckily now I have Shadow Switch, the proof is below, prepared for your mind to be blown.

 This is no photo trickery, no photo shop. This is a true before and after. That on the left is Darkside out of the Naked 3 palette. We all know how beautifully dark grey that shadow is. I thought this would be a good shadow to put Shadow Switch to the test. But just look at the left, that is a perfectly usable brush to have any other colours on. No traces of Darkside to transfer onto the next part of your look. It literally took seconds to clean it. How this works I have no clue but I will not be without this brush cleaner now for a quick clean. Want to know what makes it even better, this costs £5.99. Your Starbucks order could cost more than this and you'll get more satisfaction from this, believe me. 

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*PR product - all views are my own

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