Saturday, 5 November 2016

Current Shower Time Favourites


By self admittance I am a bath girl through and through, but I detest washing my hair in the bath so this is when a shower is needed. But then like magic I turn into a shower princess and spend like 20 minutes singing along to my Spotify play list and getting done what needs to be done. 

From my previous post about "Keeping Blonde Hair Healthy", I told you about my love for silver shampoos and my love for them isn't stopping at Bleach. Creightons Sunshine Blonde* is firstly a bargain at £.199 each, secondly these are amazing. Normally for £1.99 you get a sub-par shampoo and conditioner but these surprised me. The packaging reminds me a lot of the John Frieda hair care range. The product themselves are both purple but has a shimmer within, which makes them look super pretty. The shampoo isn't very drying like some silver shampoos can be and it smells amazing, better than the Bleach that I usually use. The conditioner is the first silver conditioner I have used in a long time and I forgot how much they help keep the brassiness at bay, its creamy consistency keeps my hair feeling silky soft. The first time I used this duo, I went into work the next day and two people asked me if I had dyed my hair. If that isn't proof enough that these are a dream team then I don't know what will. If you are wanting to pick up these or anything else from the Creightons brand, they are sold in Primark and also on their website which is here.

Now I can't mention something to do with bathing without mentioning Lush... yes I am an addict I know. Seeing as it is the start of Christmas it seemed fitting that I brought out Snow Fairy. This is THEE best smell ever. Candy floss mixed with every sweet scent ever, if you haven't smelt it before add that onto your to do list. As crazy as it sounds using this shower gel makes me feel happy. It fills your entire bathroom with its sweet scent and it also lingers on your skin for hours after. It is worth every penny.

What do you love to use in the shower?!

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