Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November '16 Empties

I am currently getting through my stash quicker than I can do these posts. So I apologie if it seems like I am going to be doing a lot of empties posts coming up. I just wanna get rid of it all! In the chilly month of November I have used up these little beauties.

Lets start of with my two Lush products this month, Big is always going to be one of my favourite Lush products. I adore sea salt shampoos and I love how course this shampoo is, it exfoliates my scalp as well as giving my hair plently of volume; also smells incredible. Next up is another favourite of mine, Sex Bomb bath bomb; firstly it makes your bath a beautiful pink and it also leaves your skin feeling amazing. What more could you want from a bath bomb? Oh yeah it contains Jasmine which is a aphrodisiac -wink wink-

Want to smell the best hairspray ever? Head on down to your local supermarket, Boots ect.. and smell the Make Waves by Tresemme! How I would describe it is a manly scent almost, there is just something about it I love. Now I don't use this hairspray as it is intended to be used, but I do find it a good hairspray. It's not the strongest on the market but it'll do what I need it for. Another couple of sprays in this months empties are Impulses, I received these in a present last Christmas and I have only just got round to using them. I have used up Very Pink and Be Surprised, both are decent body sprays, linger on your clothes for a good few hours and they did last a couple of weeks. Impulse are not a brand I will go out and buy but if I get them for presents I will happily use them.

Next up are a couple of hygiene products, Colgate Total Whitening is a pretty decent whitening toothpaste, it made my mouth feel fresh. I wouldn't say my teeth became a lot whiter but they certainly didn't go any other colour so I can't really complain. Okay, time for some makeup wipes I have not mentioned on here before; Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes. These are now my go to makeup wipes, all of the same properties as micellar water but in a handy wipe. I feel that these do a better job than any other wipes I have used in the past.

Lastly here comes the makeup, I will just do a quick mention to my all time favourite mascara Maybelline Lash Sensational. I have used this guy over and over again, it will always be my go to mascara, think Roller Lash but the cheaper version. Rimmel is another one of my most favourite brands and I love the Wake Me Up foundation so I thought that I would love the concealer but nope. I found this very watery, I like a thick concealer to hide my horrible under eye bags. Certainly won't be repurchasing this one. Finally, I have done something that some people may have thought was the impossible. I have used up a blusher! Well I would say about 98% used up but I can't get the last little bits out of the edge of the pan. The blusher I am talking about is HD Brows in Blusher 2, I think I received this in a old Glossybox maybe?! This was a decent blusher a nice pink glow with a subtle glitter in it. I liked this blush but I think I have about 43854 other so I won't be in a rush to buy it again anytime soon.

What have you used up this month?!

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