Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hello November '16

Autumn is finally here and quite a lot has happened and is going to happen!

What happened in October; 

- Made a full month back blogging, wooooo go me!
- Blogging wise, I made a couple of achievements; back over 900 on bloglovin, hit 2.2k on Twitter and also gone over 900 on Instagram. Thank you to everyone who follows me!
- 1 year anniversary in the Opticians
- Had some lovely dates with my boyfriend
- Went to Scarefest at Alton Towers

What's happening in November;

- BONFIRE NIGHT, I love bonfire night 100% one of my favourite nights ever
- A week off work, I am so ready for a week off. Bring on the lie ins
- Within said week off, I am going to London with my boyfriend, best friend and her boyfriend. Can't wait for a weekend full of laughs
- Lot of little adventures in between!

What are you getting up to in November?!

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