Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mac Mehr Dupe

I am a lover of dupes and when I find one myself, well of course I want to show it off and scream from the rooftops. This find was purely accidental, when I received my BirchBox from October I had a full size Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon in Intimacy, straight up I knew I loved the shade but imagine my surprise when I used it. As soon as I applied it I knew it reminded me of a lipstick shade that I already had in my stash. Mac Mehr. Which is actually one of my all time favourite Mac shade, if you haven't tried Mehr I would highly recommend popping by your local Mac counter and giving it a little swatchy swatch. 

Mac describe Mehr as a dirty blue pink, now I am not sure if I agree with that for one I don't find it dirty... for me I would describe it as a brown/pink nude shade, brown sounds better than bloody dirty don't it?! Mehr is properly my most used lipstick that I own, it goes with pretty much every makeup look I do. At £15.50 it isn't the most cheapest lipsticks on the market and I know mine is coming to an end which makes me sad. So finding a cheaper alternative is a bonus. Intimacy is a little darker than Mehr but only just when you have it on, there is hardly any difference. There isn't is a vast difference in price either with Intimacy costing £12.

These are both matte shades, what I have found though is Mehr has a touch more shine to it upon application in comparison to Intimacy, this again though is hardly noticeable when you apply it to your lips. Mehr does matte right down after a few minutes on your lips.
Top - Lord & Berry "Intimacy" | Bottom - Mac "Mehr"
The longevity of these lipsticks is amazing, I remember when I did the swatches above on my wrist; I had them their nearly all day as I forgot to wipe them off oops... With all matte lipsticks after a full day of wearing them your lips can feel very dry and heavy, to the point at the end of the day you can't wait to pretty much rip it off your lips. Now I am not going to say "OMG I don't get any of that from these lipsticks" because frankly that would be a lie. I don't think there will ever be a matte lipstick that doesn't do that. What I do know is with Mehr I have to touch it up quite frequently so by the end of the day I have probably eaten half of what I have applied, it doesn't hardly shift though when you eat and drink, just day to day to wear also probably doesn't help that I am a lip biter. Intimacy is a little longer lasting in my opinion, I find I don't have to touch it up as much. After a full day of wear with them both, I just use a decent lip balm such as Nuxe to add some heavy duty moisture back into my lips

All in all, I am big fans of these lipsticks and I know they are ones I will repurchase over and over again due to them being so easy to wear and I love the colours. What other dupes have you found?!

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