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November '16 BirchBox - Tatler

Another month another BirchBox and this month they have teamed up with the magazine Tatler, which is a stunning magazine, full of fashion to die for, jewellery to drool over and beauty items to add to your wish list. And this doesn't stop when it comes to collaborating with BirchBox, because just look at that box design. Who can resist a peacock feather design? All of the contents in this box is to help you through the party season, safe to say I had high hopes for this box.

First up we have a brand I have never heard of amika Perk Up Shampoo (£20), the packaging is to die for quite a hippy tie dye sort of theme. The scent is very fruity and fresh, sea buckthorn berry apparently, does it smell like this well I don't have the foggiest but it smells good. As a dry shampoo it does what it needs to do, soaks up oil and gives your hair a new lease of life for when you are on the go, but at £20 for a full size it is a little steep, I think I will stick to my Batiste.

Beauty Protector is a BirchBox exclusive and I love them their Protect & Detangle is one of my all time favourite products, so I am always excited when I see a sample of theirs in my box. This time round it is Protect & Blonde (£18.50), I currently have more silver shampoos than ever, but I would never turn down a new one to try out. Looking forward to giving this a whirl whilst I am in London.

Brows are my thing, I am told weekly I have good brows but while they are a good natural shape they still take time and effort to keep them looking neat and full. I prefer brow pencils when it comes to sorting my brows out, Rimmel being my current favourite. That doesn't mean I am not on the lookout for a new favourite bbrowbar is a brand I am familiar with but I have never had the chance to try them out. I received the shade Cinnamon Spice (£13) which upon swatching seems like a good match for me. It is a little hard but I think this will make the perfect to make them sparse areas seems more full with little flicks of this.

This one is perfect after a late night Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse (£21), a hydrating moisturiser that is full of antioxidants that is going to give your skin that much needed boost after a all nighter. It smells amazing, a very clean smell. Although lets be honest since we are all friends here, I won't be doing to many all nighters I am not built for them. So just using this as a morning treat will be more like it.

Lastly is the product which I was probably more excited to see in my box, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or OCC for short. OCC is a brand I have been desperate to try for well ever. Just never got round to doing an order but now BirchBox sell them you just know I will be placing an order don't you. In this months box we received Lip Tar Primer (£15). This primer is meant to stick your lipstick to your lips and also enhance it. It can also be used as a balm, it contains hemp and peppermint oils to create a moisturising effect. Can't wait to give this a whirl, it smells incredible!

Upon first opening my box I was a little disappointed as I really wanted the wet brush, but now I have gone through my box and seen what I actually have, I am super pleased with my products; the lip tar primer being the most exciting. If you are wanting to sign up to BirchBox click the link here!

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