Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Morning Pick Me Up*

Sadly I am no longer in that skin bracket of "young skin", it pains me to say that. I officially have ageing skin, even if I am yet to see a wrinkle on my face. I have certainly seen a difference in my skin, I have gone from dry skin to oily skin but with dry patches in certain parts. It's also clutching onto its youth with the odd breakout now and again.

Ideally I should be doing a full skincare routine morning and night with the works; cleaners, toner, eye cream and finishing it off with a moisturising anti-age cream. But alas I am lazy and will use anything that is going to save me time. If I told you, you could just spray anti-ageing onto your face would you believe me?

In the morning, I will just use a makeup wipe to removed anything that my face has picked up over night. I am normally pretty good in the evening to fully removed my makeup. But in a morning I don't have time to do a big routine, I want to wipe and go basically. So when L'Or Des Pharons Face and Body Mist* landed on my door step it was a wonderful day. This is an anti-ageing spray that you simply spray onto a clean face and you let all of the little ingredients do their jobs.

The most special ingredient in this little magic bottle is gold. Yes gold. Gold has a lot of properties that help rejuvenate and preserve the skin to keep it looking its best. Although I don't think there is enough gold in this little 15ml bottle for you to take it your local pawn shop to cash in, sorry! Did you know that collagen is the reason why have smooth skin and shiny hair? But as we get older, sadly we lose collagen so we need to create a barrier to stop collagen from disappearing. Gold can do this. Gold doesn't rust, it never really looks old, so applying them propitiates onto you skin is surely going to be a win win situation. This little bottle also contains zinc that helps with oil control, which is what I struggle with. Zinc also helps stop acne and inflammation, so when my skin is deciding that it is going to act like a teenager using this spray really does help. I have noticed a massive drop in the breakouts I have been having and if I do get a flare up it is very minimal. Lastly platinum is used to help tone, firm and help regenerate. A three in one threat that one is isn't it.

I have found using L'Or Des Pharons so easy to use in the morning, I have now been using to for just over two weeks and I have noticed a difference in how my skin is, my skin feels softer, my makeup applies easier; I don't have to work it in so much. I called this post Morning Pick Me Up, because that is exactly what this does. My skin feels more refreshed, it get that little tingle sensation which I love. Its my little miracle bottle. If you want to check out the website for yourself click here or a direct link to L'Or Des Pharons click the name!

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