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Makeup Obsession - Luxe Rose Gold Palette

Could this makeup brand be anymore perfectly named?! Now I don't need to tell you that I am obsessed with makeup, that should be a given with me owning this blog. But when I heard that the TAM Beauty group were making a new makeup brand, I got so excited. I am a MASSIVE fan of Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup so knowing they were launching a create your own palette that could be engraved if you wanted it to be was well, beyond exciting.

 As you can see in my top photo mine has a scratch on it, don't worry I did this myself. I thought it would be a good idea to drop it and it fell on a plug -insert mega sad face-. Luckily I hadn't placed anything in it yet or that could have been a disaster! The palette I picked up was the "Large Luxe Rose Gold", which naturally had to be mine as I am obsessed with rose gold, it was only £8 for this palette. You can fit 12 mix and match singles in the large which is perfect for travelling as you can pop in everything that you need. The singles are so cheap starting at £2 and the most expensive being £3! I know go steady, you might have to break into the piggy bank to afford these!

The palettes also has massive mirror in the top of the palette, again perfect for travelling as you can never have too many mirrors. All of the pans are the same size and they are super easy to pop in and out. You buy them in a separate little holders which are very compact and in themselves very handy to have around. They are super sturdy and would withstand being thrown around a little. To place them into the large palette all you do is push them out of the single casing and pop them into the large palette, they simply click in. The hardest part is deciding which order they should go in. I think I moved mine about around six times before I was happy with the order they were in.
Top Row
White Out - Mink - Nude - Medium
On the top row I have four of my more light matte shades; White Out is pure white shade that will be perfect for highlighting and creating definition in looks. Next up is Mink, which is a perfect base shade that you can build upon. As you can see it is just a touch darker than my natural skin colour which is just what I need for a transition shade. Next up is a blush shade called Nude, I am hating pinky matte blush shades at the moment so this nude shade is just what I need in my collection. Lastly on the top row is the contour shade is picked out Medium. I love contouring, it helps give my face a little more shape rather than the fat pink blob that it is, this shade blends out incredibly certainly a shade I will be needing to repurchase when I run out.

Middle Row
Midnight Black - Chocolate Cream - Starstruck - Banana Powder
 The middle row is probably my favourite row, I can see these being the shades I use the most; especially the eye shadow shades. Midnight Black is a matte black and this is a must have in every palette, as you can see from the swatch above you can tell it is very black it is just perfection seeing as I am slowly running out of my favourite black shade in my Naked 2 palette. I chose Chocolate Cream to be a darker transitions shade to go along with Mink, I also will use this for a brown smokey eye to just give a change on using black. Also think this would be fab for a eyebrow powder too. Starstruck is a little daring for me as it is orange toned, but I found this shade stupidly pretty. It has slight flecks of glitter in it but nothing over baring. The last in this row is Banana Powder, I have never played around with this whole baking thing and I am really excited to see how I get on with this powder.

Bottom Row
Lucky Charm - New York - Chorma - Bare
Third and final row is definitely the prettiest out of the three, time for all the glitter! To start it of is a beautiful champagne eye shadow shade called Lucky Charm. Without a doubt I will use this within nearly every make up look I do, from popping on the lid to add a sparkle or placing a little in the inner corners to brighten up any look. Next up is a little daring for me; New York is a pinky/purple shade. I picked this one up to experiment with and maybe spice up my smokey eye look with purple instead of the norm. I will also use this as a liner for a little added extra to looks instead of a black. Chroma is the last eye shadow shade that I picked up, this is a gorgeous grey metallic shade that I couldn't resist, again I will be using this is a smokey eye look. Finally we are Bare, this is a creamy white/pinky highlight shade. Normally I go for more pink or gold shades so this is very different for me but I can't wait to give it a whirl next time I do a full face of makeup.

I have been dying to use all of these shades but having to wait to take the photos has been a killer but now I can dive straight in. Have you brought any Makeup Obsession shades? If so what shades do you recommend? I don't see my obsession ending here!

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